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    Matt Asay, Director of Linux Business Office, Novell

    Hans Muller, CTO, Sun Desktop Division - Sun

    Peter Nauenberg, Global Offering Director, Linux Desktop Services, EDS


    Presentation Overview

    Come learn from our panel of industry experts if, when, and why you should consider adopting Linux and open source on the desktop. The worldwide installed PC base is about 500 million desktops, with about 150 million new PCs sold each year. What is the Linux and open source desktop? What applications and tools are available and ready? Where and how will the open source desktop be deployed? Is there a business case for the open source desktop in your organization? Our panel will discuss the steps to determining if and when you should move to an open source desktop.

    In the past 20 years the PC desktop has revolutionized productivity for the professional workforce, but will innovation continue? We will ask the panelists to give their predictions. What innovations are in store, and can the open source community compete with future proprietary desktops? Will the browser disappear? Will software patents and proprietary file systems stifle open source desktop alternatives or will they flourish under new development frameworks like Mono. What can we expect to see on the open source desktop of the future? Join us to hear what experts have to say.


    About the Presenters

    Matt Asay

    Matt Asay is Director of Novell's Linux Business Office, and is responsible for charting Novell's Linux/OSS strategy. He has spent most of his professional life developing novel ways to monetize Open Source software. Matt was General Manager of embedded Linux startup Lineo's Network & Communications business. In 2004 he founded the industry's largest conference on business models for monetizing Open Source software, called the Open Source Business Conference. Matt holds a juris doctorate from Stanford, where he worked with Larry Lessig on analyzing the GPL and other Open Source licenses and their effects on innovation.


    Hans Muller

    Hans Muller is the CTO for Sun's Desktop Division. Hans has been at Sun for over 15 years and has been involved with desktop GUI work of one kind another for nearly all of that time. Hans current activities include the Java Desktop System, a comprehensive, reliable, highly affordable enterprise desktop solution. A key component, StarOffice, provides an open-source productivity suite that runs on Solaris, Linux and Windows operating systems. Hans has been involved with the Java project since its earliest days and led the Swing team and later all of the client Java work at Sun.


    Peter Nauenberg

    Peter Nauenberg joined EDS in December 2000, and is now part of the Agile Workplace Portfolio Management Team. EDS is a $21 billion corporation currently providing managed support for more than 3,000,000 desktops globally. As chief offering architect, he is currently managing the engineering and global implementation phases of Linux desktop support capability at EDS. Peter has worked in Silicon Valley for the past 18 years in executive, technical, consulting, and sales roles. His technical background includes software development, infrastructure architecture, web design, and systems administration. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1986.


    Event Logistics


    Belmont Conference Center

    550 Island Parkway

    Belmont, CA




    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration/Networking

    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentation



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