Java SIG: Explaining JDO - An Introduction to the Spec



  • ...and "AltoWeb - Automating Application Production".


    Tech Talk: Explaining JDO - An Introduction to the Spec

    Craig Russell (bio) - Sun Microsystems

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    Main Talk: AltoWeb - Automating Application Production

    Steve Wilkes (bio) - Altoweb

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    Presentation Overview

    Explaining JDO - An Introduction to the Spec

    The Java Data Objects specification (JDO) was recently approved via the Java Community Process. In this talk, Craig will present a quick overview of the specification and explain how JDO fits into the Java programmer's toolchest. The majority of the time will be spent answering questions from the audience.


    AltoWeb - Automating Application Production

    J2EE and its incarnation in application servers has been incredibly successful. However, in order to keep up with the overwhelming number of applications that a typical enterprise has to build, something more is now needed. AltoWeb's mission is to enable J2EE experts and non-java resources to work together on one platform to produce the applications that an enterprise needs in much less time and at a lower cost.

    This presentation will cover the design principals behind the AltoWeb Application Platform and demonstrate how it can be used to quickly build and deploy applications, utilizing J2EE and Web Services.

    You will see:

    • a robust and scalable n-tier architecture
    • data access automation through query objects
    • logic automation through component assembly
    • application automation through an model-view-controller architecture
    • loose coupling of layers for rapid application maintenance
    • a visual environment for rapid application production
    • instant unit testing and visual debugging


    About the Presenters


    Craig Russell from Sun Microsystems

    Craig was the specification lead for Java Data Objects. Currently, Craig is Product Architect at Sun Microsystems where he is responsible for the architecture of Transparent Persistence, an object-to-relational mapping engine. Transparent Persistence is shipping as part of Forte for Java, 3.0 Community Edition, which provides support for database access integrated into the GUI, two-tier persistence solutions, and application servers.

    During the past 30 years, he has worked on architecture, design, and support for enterprise scale distributed transactional and database systems.


    Steve Wilkes from Altoweb

    Steve Wilkes is the Principal Technologist at AltoWeb, where he is responsible for, amongst other things, evangelizing Application Platforms, J2EE technologies and Web services. With more than a decade in the Software Industry, Steve has managed, designed and developed a large number of enterprise applications and products across a variety of platforms and environments. He has spoken at a number of trade shows and SIG group meetings on a variety of topics from J2EE to Web services. Prior to AltoWeb, Steve has been involved in both product development and consulting, most recently as Senior Consultant with Cap Gemini's technical consulting group in the UK.


    Event Logistics


    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA 94105


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza

    7:00-7:50pm tech talk

    8:00-9:00pm main talk



    $15 for non-SDForum Members

    No charge for SDForum members and students with ID

    No registration required

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