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    Prasad Kaipa, Ph.D., (bio)CEO, SelfCorp

    Presentation Overview

    This presentation will assist you to ask four questions:

    • What is your North Star (highest personal aspiration) that would ignite your natural genius as well as that of your organization?
    • What is your Core Incompetence? Where is your foot nailed to the floor?
    • What triggers your energy when you feel sapped? What excites, rejuvenates and regenerate energy in your organization? In other words, what is your key Energy Trigger?
    • What kinds of activities, mindsets, and processes drain your energy? What kind of Alarm System do you have to catch yourself before you react first and repent later so that you are effective, successful and joyful?


    About the Presenter


    Prasad Kaipa, Ph. D.

    Prasad Kaipa is the founder and CEO of the SelfCorp, a CEO and CXO development company; the managing director of the Mithya Institute for Learning & Knowledge architecture, a research based non-profit consulting firm; and is an adjunct professor at the Saybrook Graduate School. Prasad is currently on the board of directors/trustees for Society for Organizational Learning (created around Peter Senge's learning organization concepts), Aankhen inc., Intertec Communications, and Spirit of Prasad is also the founding director of the TIE-Institute for Entrepreneurs, an advisor for Athena Interactive, DannemillerTyson Associates and Gatherings for Ecoculture.

    The mission of SelfCorp is to clarify and align aspirations of executive and corporations. Prasad's unique competence is in helping executives find their next significant step. By coaching CEOs, board members and executive teams to be clear about who they are and what they aspire and where they want to end up, Prasad assists them to be effective in what they do, build new capacities and make strategic decisions. Prasad worked with Boeing, Mobil, Ford, Sun, Quaker Oats (Pepsi), Navigation Technologies, BAE Systems, Sasken, Mastek, Pacific Bell in developing their leaders through executive coaching, executive education programs and personal mastery work. Executives from companies like Cisco and HP have worked with Prasad in developing knowledge business models for creating a new business and in coming up with unique, brandable product design that is consistent with their culture. At SelfCorp, Prasad has also developed approaches and tools that allow executives to 'map the genetic code of organizations' so that they can 're-wire' their organizations for superior performance.

    As a senior manager in Apple, Prasad was asked to create an educational menu for Apple technical staff using innovative learning approaches. Later, as a research fellow in Apple University, with a charter to help design 'a learning processor that augments human intelligence,' Prasad interviewed high achievers and exceptional people researching how people learn and 'unlearn.' Prasad originally got his doctorate in Physics (Dissertation on Optical Information Storage) and helped build an international research laboratory in the University of Utah with Dr. Ed Haskell (1981-87). Prasad also worked as an educator (Saybrook Institute 1994-), as a manager in international product marketing (1987-88) and a technology advisor (1988-89) (Apple) and received several awards for his contributions. Athena Interactive released three award winning CD-ROMs for leaders based on his learning interface concepts and his pyramid building (thinking in three dimensions) methodology.

    Prasad's book 'Discontinuous Learning: Reflections on Aligning Life and Work' is scheduled to be available in the fall of 2003 through Vinayaka Media, Palo Alto, CA. Many of his articles, book, pyramids and tools are available on the Internet and the URL is Selfcorp is building its website for web-based leadership development and the URL is Prasad is passionate about bringing spiritual perspectives to business and executives through his Sacred Mirror executive coaching and his weekly practical spirituality sessions. As one of the three founding directors of the Foundation for Human and Economic Development (Foundhed), he is clear that spiritual and economic developments have to go hand in hand. Foundhed is working on exploring different approaches to dialogue, conflict resolution and peace, and sponsored several meetings in USA, India and Pakistan to bring peace to Indian Subcontinent.

    Prasad is married to Dr. Vinoda and has two kids Pravin (16) and Vidya (12). He enjoys reinterpreting and exploring Indian Vedanta (and its application to modern times), listening to classical music and playing tennis.


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