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    Rex Lint, Chairman, ITAA's IT Accessibility Regulation Working Group

    Presentation Overview

    If you sell IT products or services to the federal government, you've heard about Section 508! That's the federal law that says federal agencies must award their IT contracts to the vendors with the products that are most accessible to people with disabilities.

    The Information Technology Association of America has led the computer industry response to these regulations, and through its IT Accessibility Regulation committee, has provided front row seats from which IT companies have been following the issues. The chair of that committee, Rex Lint, will share his extensive knowledge about the federal regulation and its implications with area IT companies.

    Many IT vendors are making changes to their product lines to take into account the provisions of accessibility standards. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Sun, to name just a few, have instituted accessibility programs within their corporations.

    Many private businesses are considering accessibility issues in their strategic planning. Even if they are not mandated to comply with 508 accessibility provisions now, they are concerned that such requirements may come soon. Indeed, some legislatures are advancing 508-like legislation at the state level, right now.

    To get an overview of the issue of IT accessibility and of the regulations affecting it, plan on spending an hour or so with Rex Lint and find out about IT accessibility and how you can prepare to deal with the emerging call for IT accessibility.


    About the Speaker

    Mr. Rex Lint chairs ITAA's IT Accessibility Regulation Working Group. In this capacity, he was the principal author of the industry's comments to the regulatory board regarding the proposed provisions of the accessibility standards. He has spoken extensively on IT accessibility, and has been the principal industry spokesperson on the topic.

    Mr. Lint is an independent consultant in the area of IT accessibility for people with disabilities. His work in this area has included consulting with the USPS as they integrated the new section 508 accessibility law into their infrastructure, and he has assisted many IT companies assess the accessibility of their products and services.

    Mr. Lint graduated from Stanford University and was the senior manager of the word processing products software engineering organization at Digital Equipment Corporation. He served in Compaq Computer Corporation's Industry Standards organization, representing the corporation in many industry forums. For the past 8 years, Mr. Lint has served on the board of directors for the ITAA Software Division.

    His literary efforts have included co-authoring an article in the Bureau of National Affairs Federal Contracts Report, "Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act," published in May, 2000. He has written other articles including "Technology Standards to Address Those With Disabilities," and "Access to Computing for People with Disabilities." He also hosted a series of web seminars, interviewing the principal players in the development and implementation of section 508.


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