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How to Build Future Mobile Handset Software with DoCoMo



  • Exclusive half day event with DoCoMo Capital

    Apply to attend a half day program with DoCoMo Capital Executives and network with other entrepenuers. Space is limited to 30 start-up companies and will be on an invite only basis.

    Docomo is seeking companies focused in the following areas:

    • Search
    • Sharing
    • Recommendation
    • Recognition
    • Online Game Platform
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Broadcasting
    • Enterprise Software

    SDForum is accepting applications for the invitation only event with DoCoMo Capital. To apply for an invitation please send your executive summary to raya@sdforum.org by June 9, 2006.

    Please note DoCoMo Capital will not see your summary –SDForum will accept candidates based on criteria provided by DoCoMo Capital.