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1.      Free admission to most SIGs! 
What’s your thing? Are you into 3D printing or cloud computing? Are you mad for mobile technology? Pumped about platforms? Or maybe you want to start using social media to boost your company—but your Twitter-tongue is tied? No matter what kind of technology you’re into, SVForum’s got a SIG for that! Our SIGs (short for Special Interest Groups) cover a variety of interests, and meet monthly to discuss new ideas; speakers and panelists travel in from all over to share their insights and experiences. Each SIG is chaired by a group of passionate, knowledgeable volunteers—great people to work with, and great people to know.

2.      The smart choice for startups!
We’ve got opportunities galore for demo tables and pitch sessions at events throughout the year—and SVForum members almost always snag their spots at a great discount.

3.      A chance to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals!
Networking, resource access, fostering creativity, global connections, even just having entrepreneurs hang out in a room together and share ideas—all of these and more are ways in which we work to bring Silicon Valley’s huge ecosystem of entrepreneurs together. This is a fantastic time to explore emerging tech and disruptive innovation, and when you’re an SVForum member, we can give you the maps you’ll need to get your startup—or yourself—where you want to be.

4.      Special discounts on big conferences!
Part of our mission here at SVForum is to bring awesome new events to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Our conferences have major range: Apps to Platforms, The Future of Healthcare Technology, Launch: Silicon Valley, and our 2013 Technology Meets Sports Conference are just a few of the things we’ve done in the last eight months—and we’ve got more planned for this year and beyond! (Check out our Calendar of Events on our website and see what’s going on!) As a member of our organization, you get all kinds of goodies: price breaks, discount codes, even advance notice of events weeks before they happen. Our members are at the heart and soul of what we do—making you happy makes US happy.

5.      Deals and coupon codes for our partner events!
We’ve got friends in good places! SVForum often forms partnerships with companies and organizations, and as an SVForum member, you’ll have first crack at great discounts.

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