Voice SIG: How Much is the Call-in Customer’s Experience Worth?



  • Come and meet John Moffly, a pioneer in marketing voice technologies. He will present a detailed ROI analysis of improving customer call-in experience.



    John Moffly, SpeechStr; Formerly VP of Marketing at Voci Speech

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    Presentation Overview

    How Much is the Call-in Customer’s Experience Worth?

    Traditional cost justification of call center speech projects focuses on the direct benefits of automating manual calls. Key ROI drivers include lower transaction costs, reduced abandonment rates, blocked call capture, around the clock service, and faster transaction times. However, from a service manager’s perspective, this useful analysis fails to capture the most significant risk factor; a poor telephone self-service experience might annoy and even alienate call-in customers. Will the benefits of call automation be worth the risks of lost customer loyalty?

    To understand the trade-off, call centers should augment the cost reduction ROI analysis provided by the technology vendor with a customer Live Time Value(LTV) analysis. This analysis not only helps a call center decide if it is worth it, but more frequently helps cost justify a suitable level of application level investment in prototyping, call analysis, design, persona, tuning, and the other soft costs that can significantly improve the caller experience. LTV puts a number against protecting the caller experience. It also provides a benchmark for automation of more difficult transactions that are becoming more prevalent as enterprises move beyond point solutions.


    About the Presenter

    John Moffly

    John Moffly has extensive experience managing service delivery and marketing technology in customer service organizations, and has consulted to a variety of speech start-ups, including SpeechStr, Speaktumi and JustTalk. As VP of Marketing at Voci Speech, John’s creation of compelling ROI sales tools significantly accelerated sales cycles through customer education on speech application outsourcing. Prior to joining Voci, John was a Director with Galileo International where he drove triple digit revenue growth and extended host transaction processing services into new markets. John, fluent in Chinese, began his career assisting multi-nationals eager to establish a market presence in the rapidly growing Chinese market. He has also held a variety of service management, market strategy and development positions with United Airlines. John holds a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and has lectured at Jiaotong University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai.


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    Cubberly Community Center

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    Palo Alto, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza
    7:00-8:30pm presentation/Q&A


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