• Mktg SIG: 2001 – An Ad Space Odyssey Monday, January 14, 2002 - 06:30PM
    Mitchell Park Community Center
    3800 Middlefield Road (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
    Palo Alto, CA
    Marketing & Social Media

Mktg SIG: 2001 – An Ad Space Odyssey



  • An industry maven gives his assessment of on-line advertising and marketing.



    Michael Tchong, Founder & CEO - Iconocast

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    Presentation Overview

    2001: An Ad Space Odyssey

    The past year has been a turbulent one for on-line advertising. As the repercussions of April 2000's stock market bubble-burst took full effect, and as the economic impacts spread to brick-and-mortar businesses, advertisers sharply curtailed their on-line placements. As a result, dot.coms - many of whose business models were based on selling advertising on Web sites that attracted visitors by providing free content - found themselves unable to secure either ad revenues or additional investor financing. Many collapsed.

    Still, even though online advertising took a direct hit in the Dot.Bomb epidemic, it's far from dead. Although many content sites have adopted subscription-based business models, major portals such as Yahoo!, MSN, AOL still draw the majority of their revenues from online advertising. Targeting has become key, and systems that measure campaign performance and make real-time adjustments are no longer niceties - they're necessities.

    In this session, noted industry maven Michael Tchong, founder and CEO of Iconocast, will share his views of what happened in online marketing in 2001, and offer his predictions for 2002. He will discuss:

    • Key market trends relevant to online marketing
    • Appropriate media mixes for 2002
    • Online marketing tips and hints You'll come away with an understanding of the current state of online marketing, and with ideas for how to leverage it to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns and your overall business.

      About the Presenter

      Michael Tchong

      has 20 years of advertising, publishing and software development experience that give him a unique perspective into the vision of the Internet, Web marketing strategy, e-business marketing and media consumption in general.

      Michael began his career in advertising, working for major Madison Avenue firms. He wrote media plans for such new technology companies as Apple Computer and Commodore, and helped market the world's first desktop publishing software program, ReadySetGo.

      Later, he founded MacWEEK, the first major, weekly publication to use desktop publishing for its entire production process. He also founded Interstellar, a consulting and publishing company. In 1997, Michael launched ICONOCAST, a new media company which has become a prime source of information about Internet media markets for 50,000 subscribers worldwide.

      Widely sought for his industry expertise, Michael has been quoted by Adweek, Business Week, CNET, Internet World, New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, TechTV, Variety, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, and Yahoo! Finance Vision.

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      Mitchell Park Community Center
      3800 Middlefield Road
      (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
      Palo Alto, CA


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