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    Laurie Beasley, Beasley Direct Marketing


    Presentation Overview

    You are probably already aware of the reasons e-mail marketing is becoming a major component of modern marketing campaigns:

    • it is effective
    • it is inexpensive
    • it has a quick turnaround time

    But do you really know how to maximize the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing? And do you understand all your legal obligations and liabilities, based on recently-passed legislation governing e-mail?

    In this session, direct marketing expert Laurie Beasley will give you the rare opportunity to "get under the hood" -- and share the secrets of an award-winning team who have spent years of research and hundreds of man-hours fine-tuning email for maximum response. Learn how to develop an e-mail strategy for achieving maximum response. We'll also discuss giving customers what they want in terms of offer and format, whether and when to use HTML or Text, how to avoid spam filters, and provide detailed information on the CAN SPAM act and how to comply with it.

    Topics Include:

    • Designing an e-mail strategy
    • Giving customers what they want.
    • Multi-step campaigns
    • Trends for e-mail marketing
    • Spam Filters
    • regulatory environment of e-Marketing


    About the Presenter

    Laurie Beasley, President, Beasley Direct Marketing

    Laurie Beasley has more than 20 years' experience in direct and interactive marketing. Prior to forming her own direct marketing agency, she was direct marketing manager at Borland International. As one of the founding members of Borland’s direct marketing team, she helped grow the company’s direct marketing revenue from zero to a multi-million dollar business.

    For the past thirteen years, Ms. Beasley has been the founder and president of Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc., a full-service agency providing strategy and creative execution for integrated direct mail, print advertising, e-Mail, and Internet campaigns. Beasley Direct's clients have included companies such as Informatica, Captaris, Intuit, Wells Fargo, PayCycle, PeopleSoft, and more.

    Ms. Beasley is a frequent speaker on direct marketing topics at conferences and she is the recipient of several awards for integrated marketing campaigns, which featured outstanding creative and exceptional ROI, including the Echo, Summit, Pioneer, Silver Pyramid, Communicator and Caples awards. She is the program chair and lead faculty member for the Certificate in Direct and Interactive Marketing programs at San Jose State University, UCLA Extension and Seattle Central College. Additionally, she is the Vice Chair of the Direct Marketing Association, Northern California.


    Event Logistics


    SDForum Center

    111 West St. John St., Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113

    Note: the building doors lock at 7:00pm. If you arrive after 7:00pm,
    please call 408-494-8378.


    6:00-6:30pm registration/networking/refreshments

    6:30-6:50pm announcements and introductions

    6:50-7:40pm presentation and discussion

    7:40-8:30pm wrap-up/networking



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