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    Positioning and Messaging: Cautionary Tales

    Are you and your team thinking about how to position your new product and how to cast your messages for market leadership? Or, is your current positioning strategy not working the way you think it should? Established companies and start-ups both have to contend with the challenge of getting their core positioning strategy right --- an especially difficult task when the new product is enabled by new technology, presents a disruptive solution, represents a potential new product category in an emerging market. If all that were not enough to make a compelling case for the need to get your positioning strategy and message architecture right, add the complexity factor of multiple competitors claiming to solve the same problem for the same customers that your product addresses.

    "Position or die" is Rosemary Remacle's advice to a all entrepreneurs bring new technology to market, whether they are in a large company or small company. Rosemary, a principal in MarketFocus ( http :// ), a strategic marketing consultancy, will bring her years of experience and a proven methodology for developing a positioning strategy and supporting message architecture to the SDForum Marketing SIG on September 11. She will discuss the importance of positioning and messaging to funding, establishing valuations, acquiring customers and partners; demonstrate the proven MarketFocus approach and share common mistakes entrepreneurial teams make on the road to positioning success.


    Rosemary Remacle

    Rosemary Remacle has led consulting engagements for mainframe/workstation, PC, SW, semiconductor, communications, security, Internet, digital lifestyle and e-commerce products and services for clients in the US, Europe and Asia. She has consulted to management teams in large global corporations such as Hitachi, National Semiconductor, Adobe, AMD, Sun Microsystems, IBM, SGI, Oracle, Toshiba and H-P. Most recently, her consulting efforts have focused on developing positioning and market entry strategies and supporting plans for venture-backed companies such as Southampton Photonics, Fuego, Pharmquest, Neoforma, LightConnect, Innerwireless, BeVocal, NovusEdge, LightPointe, Virtutech, Gloo Labs, MeshNet, FusionOne and Epicentric.

    Prior to her focus on consulting, Rosemary held a variety of executive management positions with global responsibilities at the multinational firms Memorex, Intel, Zilog, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In those companies she was responsible for strategic planning, marketing and sales/channel management functions. In the late 80’s, Rosemary joined the high tech marketing consultancy, Regis McKenna Inc. where she served as a Partner for five years. During that time she led the Semiconductor and Japan practices and was responsible for managing the firm’s strategic partnership with Mitsubishi International.

    In addition to her MarketFocus consulting, Rosemary joined the venture capital firm, Sevin Rosen Funds, in 2000 as a Venture Partner responsible for strategy consulting to the firm’s portfolio companies and for firm marketing. At Sevin Rosen, she was also responsible for the development and delivery of the firm’s Annual CEO Summit and quarterly Marketing and Sales Roundtables.

    Rosemary serves on the advisory boards of several venture backed startup companies and is on the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Association for Start-up Entrepreneurs. She is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Corporate Growth, the Executive Advisory Boards of the Software Development Forum and Nokia’s Innovent Ventures. Rosemary earned B.A. and B.S. degrees from Arizona State University and an M.A. from San Jose State University.


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