Marketing SIG: MarketWise: Rigor And Marketing Are Not Oxymorons



  • An Engineering Approach to Marketing or Building a Map of the Market



    Adam Gordon, Consultant - Strategic Marketing, Communications, and Brand Development


    Presentation Overview

    Giants in the marketing and advertising industry agree: your marketing must generate sales.

    Yet, how do you ensure that your communications are effective, relevant, interesting, and memorable to your target audiences? How can you know that your products have the right feature set, at the right price, packaged the right way?

    MarketWise is a rigorous marketing process that delivers a map to your marketplace, so the path to profitability becomes clear. In one place, at one time, you can see the entire market landscape, the individual elements that comprise it, and how your product or service maps onto it. "Gaps" and "overlaps" in your communications strategy become immediately visible and addressable, and the most relevant messages are suddenly glaringly apparent.


    Speaker Bio

    Early in his career, Mr. Gordon spent ten years in the engineering field, developing innovative international products for Plantronics, Inc., a major supplier of telecommunications equipment to the global market. He developed many new products for the company, opening new regions in the international marketplace, and growing the international market significantly.

    For the past several years Mr. Gordon has been consulting on Strategic Marketing, Communications, and Brand Development for a wide range of organizations, including technology, biotechnology, financial, and service companies, as well as academic institutions. Mr. Gordon specializes in understanding and growing his client’s markets, and applying that knowledge effectively to both inbound and outbound marketing.


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