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  • Topic: A major sea change is occurring in the development and deployment of software

    Developing the best technology is no longer enough to differentiate your company from the others. At Software 2007, Executives from the largest companies agreed that the playing field has officially changed. And, that they need to do more to understand the “Business Users” and build the Ecosystems to serve them.

    According to Chris Dowse, CEO of NeoChange, “there is an estimated 15% effective usage of enterprise software.” Business people are the new decision makers and their organizations have the funding for projects strategic to the success of the business.  They are driving technology investments today. These “Business Users” are motivated by solutions to their business problems, not by the technology.  And, they are placing increasing pressure on IT to provide solutions to their business needs. The good news is now that the infrastructure is in place, there are more opportunities than ever before.

    What does this mean to the software marketer? Who are the customers of today and what do they want? What do you develop and to whom do you sell it?

    Business people use products relevant to their specific job. The established software vendors can’t possibly build or deploy all of the solutions needed by all of the business people who hold different jobs in different departments with different technology requirements.  From a product standpoint, Software-as-a-Service is only part of the answer. The type of solutions possible through Enterprise Widgets, Appliances, Dashboards, and other similar technologies will be crucial to increasing corporations adoption of technology and hence technology spending.

    It is no longer just about the technology! Technology products will not drive future sales like it has in the past. Marketers must find new ways to reach and serve the multitude of business people not being served. The Business Users are reached through different marketing vehicles and partnerships that specifically target and support their adoption of technology. A recent NeoChange & the Sand Hill Group survey of technology buyers and software providers support this. The survey found less than 1% of respondents believe software functionality was key for getting value from their business software. Exactly 70% believe the value comes from effective user adoption.

    Software sales could increase five-fold with attention to the new buyers of today, the Business Users. Attend this session and learn how to:
    -Find these high-potential customers.
    -Understand trends and business user requirements to find unserved opportunities and build the products required.
    -Differentiate yourself in the market to win business.
    -Identify and engage thought leaders who will position you as the industry leader whether you are or not.
    -Build new Ecosystems, i.e., partnerships and the programs that foster effective user adoption.
    -Increase ROI on your marketing and sales investments.

    If you are competing with the 500-pound guerilla in the market, find ways to take advantage of this changing playing field for your benefit. You will hear examples of how small companies have been able to compete effectively with larger, more established vendors. If you represent the incumbent market leader, learn how to defend your turf and open new markets by partnering with others who can help you round out your solution offering.

    About the Speakers:

    Anil Saboo is Director Platform Products with Oracle Corporation. At Oracle, he leads a team of product marketing and business development managers. He is involved in setting strategic direction, planning, management, and execution of key alliances, as well as managing go-to-market campaigns with strategic Oracle partners. Prior to his current position at Oracle, Anil held product management, product marketing and business development positions in a variety of high tech companies in Asia and the USA including BroadVision, HCL Corporation and His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.

    Roberta Moore is CEO of QM Corp. She specializes in best practices to increase adoption of new technologies. Clients who have benefited include large companies, such as Microsoft and Toshiba as well as start-ups (at the time) such as Intuit and Top Producer. According to Bill Machrone, Vice President Technology, Ziff-Davis Media Inc.. "Roberta's techniques are a secret weapon for high-tech companies as they develop Vertical Markets." Roberta was a recent executive of SAP, where she conducted more than 400 interviews of people in the SAP ecosystem to understand the future trends of technology adoption. Roberta started a consulting firm in 1984 to help high-tech companies identify and serve those business people not reached through traditional channels. 


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    Note: These are the tall buildings on the corner of University Avenue and Woodland Avenue on the west side of Hwy. 101. They are in the University Circle complex.


    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking / Refreshments
    7:00 - 7:15 p.m. Announcements and Introductions
    7:15 - 8:30 p.m. Presentation and Discussion
    8:30 - 8:45 p.m. Wrap-up / Networking



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