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Equity Marketing Channel Design



  • Caught up in the never ending maze of venture funding? This workshop will provide you with a game plan to hit the fundraising trail.

    The Equity Marketing Problem

    Finding the best investors is always a difficult, expensive and time-consuming task. Fundamentally, the CEO is facing an equity marketing problem. This means applying the 4P’s of marketing to selling private equity: Product, Positioning, Placement, and Price.

    The Equity Marketing Solution

    VenLogic helps CEO ’s make smart, critical financing decisions in the fast moving, invisible world of private equity. We will teach you to design an equity marketing channel strategy that identifies best-fit capital sources. We utilize best-of-breed research sources that bring state-of-the-market knowledge. This significantly accelerates the process of market segmentation – saving time and money.

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    A FREE Preview Session for those who wish to register late will be held from 8:30 - 9:00 am.