Wiki Collaboration and Wiki Applications in the Workplace



  • Pre-registration is no longer available. Please register at the door. Presentation Overview A wiki is a website where anyone with a browser can create and maintain web pages. It enables teams to organize and share content and knowledge in an organic and free manner, and to schedule, manage and document their daily activities. A wiki can also be used as an intranet where employees contribute content collaboratively, replacing a webmaster maintained intranet. This talk explains what wikis are and how they are used, covers social aspects and security concerns, and teaches how to roll out a wiki. It also explains how teams can use TWiki, an open-source wiki for the enterprise, to build tailored wiki applications supporting their workflow and processes. Attendees will learn what wikis are and how they can be applied to the enterprise; the wiki culture and ways of collaboration it offers; how to successfully roll out a wiki; and how wiki applications can support business processes. Speaker Peter Thoeny, Founder TWiki About the Speaker Peter Thoeny Peter Thoeny is the founder of TWiki, the leading Wiki for corporate collaboration and knowledge management. Managing the open-sourced project for the last seven years, Peter invented the concept of structured wikis - where free form wiki content can be structured with tailored wiki applications. He is a recognized thought-leader in Wikis and social software, featured in numerous articles and technology conferences including LinuxWorld, Business Week, Wall Street Journal and more. A software developer with over 15 years experience, Peter specializes in software architecture, user interface design and web technology. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, lived in Japan for 8 years working as an engineering manager for Denso building CASE tools, and managed the Knowledge Engineering group at Wind River for several years. He is currently working on a book on wikis for the workplace. Peter recently co-founded StructuredWikis LLC, a company offering services that allows teams to use wikis to improve productivity and communication through basic and advanced application of wikis. Event Logistics


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    12:00pm - 1:30pm - Wiki Collaboration and Wiki Applications in the Workplace


    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113


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    Pre-registration is no longer available.
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