Silicon Forest Forum, Day 1 - Portland, OR



  • 2001 Advanced Technology Management Conference. This two-part series focuses on advanced technology management, financing, infrastructure, partnering and liquidity issues.

    To register or get more information, please visit the Silicon Forest Forum web site.

    Session One: How to Build and Fund the Technology Enterprise

    The Forum is an advanced program for experienced management teams looking for the latest information on how to grow companies in the current market.

    This is not a networking event or investor conference. It is a full program of substantive presentations, panel discussions and analyses presented by practitioners in the technology community, confronting funding, operational and strategic challenges shared by most companies.

    Presenters include leading venture investors, bankers, service organizations, banks, entrepreneurs and others from the Pacific Northwest and Silicon Valley who will share their ideas and observations on critical issues that companies must address to be successful.

    The Forum is for serious technology enterpreneurs, investors, service providers and all participants involved in the formation, growth and success of technology companies in the Pacific Northwest.

    You will get written background papers and presentations for future reference and use and as a standard to judge terms and deal parameters in the current market.

    Event Logistics


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00am-6:30pm Conference


    Keith Larson of Intel
    Mimi Levin of Microsoft
    Scott Gibson - founder of Sequent
    Mark White of White & Lee LLP
    John Zagula of Ignition Ventures
    Bruno Amicci of Triad Technology Group
    Frank Moscow of Brentwood Group
    Richard Strayer of Strayer Consulting Group
    Bruce Lichorwic of White & Lee Venture Partners
    Joe Davis of Capella Photonics
    Kevin Brannon of Preston, Gates & Ellis
    Paul Tomlinson - Organizational Psychologist
    Fadel Hamed of Lambda Optics
    Jon Summers of White & Lee LLP
    John Gabbert of Venture One
    Robert Winter of Rocket Ventures
    Derek Ridgley of Silicon Valley Bank
    Jerry Keppler of Alexander Hutton Venture Partners
    David Chen of OVP Venture Partners


    Intel Jones Farm Conference Center
    Hillsboro, Oregon
    between buildings JF3 and JF4



    $95 per session, $175 for both sessions

    To register by phone call (503) 419-3009 and ask for Gloria Rouse.
    To register on line, visit the link below and click on "Registration".