SOLD OUT! Turn Interviews into Offers (That You Want!)



  • An offer goes to the person providing the best answers with the "right" chemistry and rapport. Find out how to be that person. In this Career Series session, you'll learn how to answer the tough questions and negotiate the best package.

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    Patti Wilson (bio), Founder, The Career Company

    Landing that interview is a great step - but it can also be stressful. Answering interview questions and negotiating compensation is a learned ability that makes the difference between you and the next candidate.

    Learn how to use the interview process to your advantage and be prepared for the questions that will come your way. Tips on negotiation for compensation given your set of skills, reviewing your background and experience positively and following up on your interview are some of the topics to be discussed. You'll also learn:

    • How to use behavioral interviewing to your advantage
    • De-stressing compensation negotiation
    • Having the "right" answer for any question
    • Closing and following up successfully

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    Speaker Bio


    Patti Wilson, Founder, The Career Company

    Patti Wilson, owner of the Career Company, has coached literally thousands of Bay Area technical professionals to manage their careers, find new opportunities, and thrive in their jobs. She has an inspiring, direct and humorous delivery style that engages as well as motivates people to action.

    Patti's forte is the high technology industry, having been an Employment Manager at Sun Microsystems as well as a recruiter at Apple and AMD. With a Masters Degree in Career Development, she was Assistant Director of Career Services at Santa Clara University as well as a Program Manager at the Career Action Center.

    Recently, Patti has been featured or interviewed by PBS Radio's California Report, NPR Marketplace, KGO and KPIX TV, NBC3's Technology News, USA Today, Fortune Magazine, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News, and network CBS's Early Edition.

    Event Logistics


    12:00pm-2:00pm Brown Bag Session



    SDForum Center

    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113


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    $10 SDForum Members Only

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