• SCORE 1 on 1 Thursday, March 20, 2003 - 09:00PM
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SCORE 1 on 1



  • 50-minute appointments with Don Tischer & Loreli Trippel

    Meet with SCORE (Service Corp for Retired Executives) counselors who have experience in the high tech industry. These experienced business experts provide general business advice on everything from how to write a business plan, to cash flow management, to developing a small business advisory board. Assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs may involve investigating the market potential for a product or service and assessing the capital needs to start a business. Counselors can provide insight into how to start a business, operate a business, buy a business or franchise and sell a business.

    To make an appointment:
    SCORE One-on-Ones are available to SDForum Members only on a first-come, first-served basis. Call Sheri at 408.494.8303 to schedule an appointment.


    Don Tischer

    Don has many years experience in Management Evaluation and Executive Search as well as operating experience. This includes 28 years at Philip Morris where he was a Plant and Division Manager as well as Personnel Director. He has served as a director on several boards and been a lecturer at Golden Gate University Graduate School. Although he retired as President of American Executive Search Inc. in 1992, he continues to advise and consult in these areas.

    Lori Trippel
    With 35 years in the software industry, Lori has experience with executive management as well as management of strategic planning, product development, quality assurance, documentation, product management, sales and marketing. Lori has worked in Internet content management, imaging & document management, desktop graphics, word processing, color printing/publishing, operating systems and network solutions in management and software engineering positions.


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