Presentation and Product Demo Secrets



  • Presentation and Product Demo Secrets
    Presented by:  Nathan Gold

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    The 3 secrets to making your PPT deck 500% more effective.
    PowerPoint is the most common method of presenting information in business. However, most people do not use the power of PowerPoint effectively. Learn the 3 secrets to making your PowerPoint deck 500% more effective. Start using these techniques immediately and you will see a huge change in how your audience responds to your presentation.

    1. How to begin every presentation so that people will want to listen.
    2. How to design your PPT deck so people will not fall asleep.
    3. How to prepare for the unexpected.
    4. "Bonus Secret" How to instantly bring the attention back to the presenter.

    The 3 secrets to giving more compelling and memorable product demos.
    Product demos are not simply a presentation with software or hardware features. There are specific techniques that you can use to make sure that your product demos are more compelling and memorable for your audiences. You will be able to use these 3 secrets instantly to increase the success rates of your product demos.

    1. How to start every demo so that people will want to listen.
    2. How to avoid and eliminate the click-fest.
    3. How to sequence your demo for maximum impact.
    4. "Bonus Secret" How to leave a lasting impression on your audience every time.


    The 3 secrets to know when meeting with venture capitalists.
    After interviewing venture capitalists all over the country about what people do right and wrong in venture capital meetings, you can now learn the 3 secrets that will give you an edge when presenting to a venture capitalist or angel investor. These secrets will instantly change how you present yourself and company in your next venture capital meeting.

    1. How to start your meeting with a venture capitalist to gain instant respect and admiration.
    2. How many slides and what sequence you should use in your PPT deck.
    3. How to start doing more of what is not being done enough in a venture capital meeting.
    4. “Bonus Secret" What is the most important personality trait you need to attract an investor.


    The 3 secrets to using the WWW to get things done fast and cheap!
    The Internet is full of resources that can help you get things done fast and cheap. These 3 secrets are guaranteed to save you time and money while getting results that will continually amaze you. Whether you need a logo designed, a new Web site look and feel, programming, debugging, or tagging, these secrets will lead to the right sources on the Internet.

    1. How to access thousands of graphic designers to have company logos and Web sites designed.
    2. How to access thousands of people to do things for you computers simply cannot do.
    3. How to access thousands of programmers for pennies on the dollar.
    4. "Bonus Secret" How to have everything you write have perfect grammar and punctuation.


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