Postponed: Coaching 1on1 with Joe Becker



  • 50-minute appointments available with Joe Becker of Dolphin Venture Management, Inc.

    This session has been postponed until April 10.

    JOE BECKER of Dolphin Venture Management, Inc. is offering his expertise and experience to early-stage start-up members of SDForum. Mr. Becker is a computer industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in general management, marketing, corporate development, product planning, market research and sales. He is the Founding Principal of Dolphin Venture Management, Inc. ( Prior to that, Mr. Becker served as President & CEO of The Enterprise Network (TEN) where he worked with high growth start-up companies to improve their likelihood of success. This was done through business plan assistance and critique, the formation of advisory boards, and matching start-up companies with institutional and angel investors based on their mutual interests. Mr. Becker also served as President & CEO of ICOT Corporation, a publicly held data communications company where he was also responsible for marketing and corporate development. Prior thereto, Mr. Becker held several management positions at technology companies where he was responsible for strategic planning, corporate development and planning, and systems and project management. Mr. Becker received his undergraduate degree from U.C.L.A. and his MBA degree from California State University at Long Beach.

    These appointments are filled by random selection from all pre-registered Start-Up members who fit the eligibility criteria outlined in the Coaching One on One Process.

    To be considered for an appointment, email your appointment request and application to .


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