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Postponed: Career Series: How to Get Out of Your Own Way



  • This event has been postponed. Please continue to check the calendar for upcoming Career Series Seminars.


    Kimberly Wiefling(bio),Principal Consultant, Wiefling Consulting

    Do you know the top 2 qualities of job candidates that managers consider in hiring decisions? It's not technical skills, but 1) positive attitude, and 2) communication skills. Increase your chances of landing the job you want by reframing your career transition and communicating more effectively.

    Discover 'optimism as a strategy'! This light-hearted workshop is based on well-documented concepts of behavioral modification called 'acting as if'. If you are ready to move beyond anger, blame and grief, this workshop is for you. Open to the possibility of accepting, even embracing, changes not of our own choosing as opportunities that would not other wise have been available. Re-interpret the story of your career transition in ways that will energize you, inspire others, and attract your next opportunity.

    You'll leave this workshop with practical tools you can start using TODAY to:

    • re-interpret your career transitions in ways that will energize you and inspire others
    • stop sabotaging your job search with negativity
    • communicate more effectively
    • get unstuck
    • feel better

    Speaker Bio

    Kimberly Wiefling, Principal Consultant, Wiefling Consulting

    Kimberly Wiefling is an independent business management consultant focusing on helping companies bring successful products to market with greater predictability and fewer nasty surprises. Experienced in navigating job and career transitions, Ms. Wiefling was an instructor at the Career Action Center for the past 4 years, and has individually coached hundreds of individuals in career transition. Prior to launching her consulting practice in January 2001, she was the VP of Program Management at Outride, Inc., where she established sensible and effective product development practices in support of this Xerox Parc spin-off. Her leadership in shutting down this 40 person company was written up in the Dallas Morning News under the title "Kinder, Gentler Layoffs Build Good Will".