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Nightmare or Fairytale: Get a Win-win Outsourcing Relationship



  • You are faced with an important development project. Should you hire more people, squeeze more time out of your staff, or outsource? Outsourcing, while a good solution, isn't always the best way to solve every situation. Learn first hand the benefits and challenges to this alternative.

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    Cliff Justice, Vice President of Consulting Services, neoIT


    M. M. Sathyanarayan, President and CEO, Global Development Consulting, Inc.
    Frederic Haubrich, Vice President, Chief Web & Technical Officer, Hooked on Phonics
    Brian Faeh, Executive Producer,
    Andra Delip Kumar, Co-founder, V.P. Marketing, Euclid

    You have a product release or other development project that will take more resources than you currently have. You could squeeze more time out of your existing staff, but that could lead to stress, burnout and higher error-rates. You could hire additional temporary staff, but then you're face with the challenge of managing their learning curve while keeping the project moving forward. Yet another option is outsourcing.

    Outsourcing, while a good solution, isn't always the best way to solve every situation. Learn first hand the benefits and challenges to outsourcing. The initial presentation by Cliff Justice of neoIT will provide an objective overview of the outsourcing industry, including current trends and best practices.

    This initial presentation will be followed by a dynamic group of panelists who will discuss various views of the outsourcing process. Hear first hand case studies from industry experts and leading technology executives who have lived through outsourcing fairytales and nightmares. And, from the other side of the table, technology consulting companies will give you the inside scoop on how to best work with an outsourced team to get the most value from their time. During this seminar you will:

    • Discover new innovative processes for accessing offshore IT development teams
    • Gain critical knowledge on IT outsourcing and technology trends
    • Explore and compare key elements of traditional and online outsourcing models
    • Understand processes vital to successful outsourcing experiences
    • Examine cost/benefit scenarios of outsourcing your mission critical projects

    Event Logistics


    SDForum Center
    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00-11:00am Seminar
    11:00-12:00pm Panel

    Seminar Track

    Management; Startup and Funded Stage Businesses


    Cost (Continental breakfast included)
    $49 SDForum Members
    $99 Non-Members