Legal One-on-One with HiTech Law



  • 50-minute appointments with Jacqueline B. Kessel, Founder, Partner

    Deadline to respond

    9:00am on Tuesday, July 23


    How to apply:

    Submit your appointment request to before the 9am deadline on Tuesday, July 23. Include a brief outline of the issues you would like to discuss in the meeting along with a short background of your company. Appointments will be randomly assigned after the deadline to apply closes.

    Legal One on Ones provide an opportunity to meet with qualified start-up attorneys and receive counsel on your company's legal needs. Get help with issues pertaining to intellectual property, type of entity and more. Legal One on Ones also provide a good opportunity to find the right law firm for your business.

    Jackie Kessel, Founder & Partner with HiTech Law will host this month's legal one on one session.

    HiTech Law services include corporate, equity financings, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, trademark and patent law. The firm focuses on the emerging growth technology company.

    For more information, visit HiTech Law.


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