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    Technology Partners:

    In this first-ever conference, SDForum applauds and celebrates the innovation processes at technology corporations in Silicon Valley. The time is ripe to launch a Corporate Innovation and Research Fair, for corporations to jointly share best practices and highlight how innovation happens in their organization.  Global technology leaders such as eBayHPMicrosoftOracleSAP and Sun will present their learning lessons and best practices to strengthen an open, collaborative exchange with the entrepreneurial community.

    Morning Session*
    8:30             Registration
    9:00             Corporate Presentations 
                              Max Mancini, eBay
                              Rich Friedrich, Hewlett Packard
    Roy Levin, Microsoft
               Morning Break
    10:45           Corporate Presentations

                             Marie-Anne Neimat, Oracle
                             Dr. Ike Nassi,
                             Roger Meike, 
               Networking Lunch and Panel Discussion: "Connecting the Dots: Tech Transfer and the Innovation Chain", moderated by Ben Bajarin, Creative Strategies

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    12:00pm-4:00pm Afternoon Exhibition (free to the public):

    Confirmed Exhibit Companies:

    Hewlett Packard
    Open Source Project
    Zoura, Inc.

    The afternoon exhibition will include demos and exhibits from the technology partners as well as entrepreneurs and other members of the technology eco-system in Silicon Valley.

    Confirmed Technology Partners Include:

    Rich Friedrich, Hewlett Packard, Director, Enterprise Systems and Software Lab
    Rich Friedrich leads the Enterprise Systems and Software Lab (ESSL) in HP Laboratories. His philosophy is to fuse strategy and innovation to create compelling differentiators for HP products and services.

    The ESSL research team focuses on ambitious next-generation enterprise computing and management systems, and on inventing distinctive utility computing mechanisms to provide IT infrastructure and enterprise services on demand. Our goal is to reduce total cost of ownership while improving flexibility and quality of service through the automation of IT operations in a trusted, virtualized data center.

    His sustained record of innovative accomplishments spans his 20-plus-year career in HP research and product positions. He led the system performance team that optimized the first commercial PA-RISC based systems in the mid 1980s and the first multiprocessor, online transaction processing Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) systems in the late 1980s. He led the architecture and design of a large-scale, distributed measurement system for the Open Systems Foundation Distributed Computing Environment in the early 1990s.

    More recently, he led the teams that invented WebQoS, the novel technology for providing predictable and stable performance for Internet based applications, re-architected Linux for IA-64, and provided key technologies to HP's Utility Data Center, Open View automation products and StorageWorks data grid products.

    Roy Levin, Microsoft, Distinguished Engineer and Director Microsoft Research Silicon Valley
    From 1996 until he joined Microsoft, Roy was Director of the Compaq's Systems Research Center in Palo Alto, California.  Previously, he was a senior researcher in the Center since its founding in 1984 by Digital Equipment Corporation.  During those years, he was a primary contributor and project leader for the Topaz programming environment and its micro-kernel operating system, the first to provide high-performance, light-weight process scheduling and inter-process communication on a multiprocessor workstation.  He also was project leader and a primary contributor for Vesta, a software configuration management system embodying novel technology and tools for source control, version management, and building of large software systems.
    Before joining Digital, Roy was a Principal Scientist at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center.  He was project co-leader and a principal developer of Cedar, an experimental programming environment for high-performance workstations.  Cedar set the standard (c. 1982) for integrated programming environments for ALGOL-tradition languages, incorporating significant advances in language technology, file systems, network communication (RPC), and user interfaces.  Roy also was a co-developer of Grapevine, a landmark electronic mail system.

    Roy received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University and his B.S. in Mathematics from Yale University. He is a member of the ACM, and a former chair of ACM SIGOPS.

    Max Mancini, eBay, Senior Director of Platform and Disruptive Innovation, eBay
    In his innovation leadership role, Max drives idea creation across the business, and directs innovation projects, new business strategies and product investment. For the eBay Developers Program, Max and his team enable third-party developers to extend the eBay marketplace by creating solutions that make it faster, easier and safer to buy and sell on eBay. In his previous roles at eBay, Max led an engineering team of 70+ developers responsible for development on eBay Stores, merchandising, registration, sign-in, trust & safety, and customer support tools. He also led the product and technology teams for Kijiji, eBay's local community classifieds websites, as well as eBay's New Business Ventures.

    Roger Meike, Senior Director, Area 51 and Director of Operations, Sun Microsystems Laboratories.  His background is in cognitive science and his career has lead him back and forth between new start companies and large research organizations.  While his background is mostly in software, he also enjoys consorting with hardware folks.  He has been accused of being many things including photo enthusiast, sailor, ham radio operator, musician and techno-geek/nerd.

    Dr. Ike Nassi, SAP is an Executive Vice President, responsible for Research for the Americas and China.
    Dr. Ike Nassi is an Executive Vice President at SAP, responsible for Research for the Americas and China. He and his group explore advanced new enterprise technologies and applications for use in the emerging multinational corporate environment of the 21st century. He is also responsible for SAP's Global Business Incubator.

    Prior to joining SAP, he founded Firetide Inc, a wireless mesh networking company based in Los Gatos, California. At Firetide he served as Executive Vice President and CTO, and was a Chairman of Firetide’s Board of Directors.

    He also helped start the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, where he currently serves as an active member of the Board of Trustees.

    He has also been an industry consultant and entrepreneur specializing in computer and networking technology and products.  His consulting assignments have been with several startup companies, startup divisions within established companies, and venture capital firms. A sample of his recent clients include Palm Source, Allegis Capital, Vanguard Ventures, and Replicus.

    Before starting his consulting practice, he was with Cisco Systems.  Prior to joining Cisco, he was Vice President of Product Development and Operations and Chief Technology Officer at InfoGear Technology Corporation, which was acquired by Cisco on June 5, 2000. 

    Marie-Anne Neimat, Oracle, Vice president of development embedded

    Marie-Anne Neimat is vice president of development for Oracle's embedded databases; these include the TimesTen In-Memory Database, Berkeley DB, and Oracle Lite.  She is responsible for the direction, development, and release of these products.  Prior to Oracle, Marie-Anne was the founder and vice president of engineering at TimesTen Inc., which was acquired by Oracle in 2005.

    Before founding TimesTen, Marie-Anne managed the main-memory data management project at HP Labs. She was responsible for the project from its inception and led the effort to spin-off the technology into a private company.

    Marie-Anne has more than 25 years of software engineering and management experience.  Prior to founding TimesTen Inc., she held positions at HP Labs, Dialogic Systems, and Britton Lee.

    Marie-Anne holds a bachelor's degree in math from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.  She has published numerous papers in her field, and is a participant in several patented inventions.

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