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    Chuck Erickson of the Software Business Cluster is offering his expertise to early-stage start-up members of SDForum. Mr. Erickson is currently the Managing Director of the San Jose Software Business Cluster, serving approximately 20 startup companies in the Internet market. Previously, he worked as a business consultant specializing in start-up or start-over operations and activities involving CEO coaching, interim CEO/COO positioning, and project management (CTO/COO).

    He has recently held positions of corporate President/CEO, CTO, Managing Director, and Technical Director of entrepreneurial management teams in start-up and turn-around companies. Chuck is a seasoned executive with over thirty-five years of management experience focused in the areas of innovative software and hardware development, international business and corporate operations. He has extensive international experience in software and hardware development, marketing, and manufacturing. He has proven abilities as an effective team builder, strategist, and communicator.

    Chuck holds a BSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology, has done post-graduate studies at The University of Chicago, and has taught at IIT, Penn State University and San Jose State University. He is an active volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America, holding positions of Council President, Executive VP, and Area President. He also recently served as Chairman of the Board for Eastfield Ming Quong, a child and family services non-profit agency.

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