Hot August Nights: Check Out Our Startup Membership Special!

Our latest membership special is cherry-cherry! For a cool $250, you get to:

  • Sign yourself up
  • Sign your coworker up
  • Sign ANOTHER coworker up
  • Save $100 (Startup 3 group memberships are usually $350)
  • Become a member of the best little nonprofit in the Bay, which means you get
    - Free or discounted access to more than 150 events each year
    - Access to one of the richest sources of education, information, and resources around (we've been doing this since 1982--we've seen it all!)
    - Lots of great chances to connect, network, and build relationships with companies, VCs, angels, and other entrepreneurs you can blatantly steal ideas from trade ideas and knowledge with

Sign up for a Startup 3 membership now with code STARTUP250 and then send the names of your two bestest startup buddies to [email protected], and we'll sign them up as well! This deal is diamond until August 24th at midnight. You'll be a member soon...

Does it have to be a Startup 3 membership?

Can I renew my regular individual membership for $100 off?

How long is it good for?
One year from the date of signup.

Are you SURE it has to be a startup 3 membership?

Absolutely sure?
Do you even go to this school?

No. I just have a lot of feelings...
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