Health Tech Breakfast - Breakthrough Health Care Delivery Partnerships



  • Health Tech Breakfast Series
    Breakthrough Health Care Delivery Partnerships
    Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 8:00am -10:00am
    Nixon Peabody, San Francisco, CA

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    The traditional healthcare delivery system is not working and the unsustainable costs of it are forcing a rush of new innovations.  There are new partnership emerging among hospitals, physicians, payers, group purchasers, consumers, and other stakeholders, to create new, more exciting healthcare delivery solutions.

    We take a  look at the complex issues of how to significantly lower prices for California consumers while delivering safer, higher quality care and more fair and value-based payments for hospitals, doctors and payers.  New models include what is called 'ACO - accountable care organizations' and other partnerships in care delivery.  We will bring together key panelists who are already creating these new models, both as providers and as entrepreneurs.

    This breakfast event will highlight some of the companies that are leading this effort, already providing new 'patient care delivery models';  Come to learn what companies are leading the way with disruptive new models of healthcare delivery; how they are leading the change; and the lessons they've learned to date.


    8:00am      Registration and Breakfast    

    8:30am      Panel Discussion

    9:15am      Audience Q&A

    9:30am      Networking

    10:00am    Event Concludes