Enterprise Innovation

The SVForum Enterprise Innovation Program provides pathways to build relationships between startups with potentially disruptive technologies and business models, and leading corporate brands.

Virtually every business runs the risk of being disrupted by the Internet, software based alternatives to conventional models, and low cost, high performance, ubiquitous computing & storage, in the cloud. Startups leveraging these technologies are increasingly taking the lead in industries previously dominated by entrenched brand names. For example, everything involving traditional print has undergone a dramatic transformation from newspaper, magazine and book publishing to corporate brochures and reports. Education, from K-12 through the university level, faces the most significant challenge to its traditional model since the invention of the printing press more than 500 years ago.  Uber and taxi cabs.  AirBnB and motels.  Network Attached Storage versus The Cloud.  PCs and Smart Phones.  And with targeted ads and personalized offers delivered to their smartphones, driven by geoloco tracking & real time, Big Data analytics, consumers have more options that ever, in rapidly evolving B2C industries.

The SVForum ecosystem reaches almost 50,000 technology startup founders and developers, over 2,000 angels and VCs, plus a host of world class corporations focusing on innovation as a strategic imperative. From partnerships to corporate venture investments and acquisitions, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of beneficial relationships between mature brands and startups with potentially disruptive technologies and business models.

The Enterprise Innovation Program is comprised of 3 main focus areas - see below for details

The program is comprised of three major focus areas:

1. Active Discovery

2. Developer Evangelism

3. Corporate Innovation


1. Active Discovery

Source: Gartner Inc.  Technology Hype Cycle, 2012

Through our programs and events, we connect with tens of thousands of startups founders, and hundreds of angel and VC funded technology companies. Based on your interests, we are able to curate these connections to provide private demo days, product pitches, and partnership meetings.

"I wanted to personally thank you for the event yesterday. We had a great event with 160-170 people in the room. I really appreciate your help and effort. Please let me know if I there is anything I can do to help you in the future.”

Hanan Levy, Director of Microsoft Accelerator, Microsoft Global Startup Team

2. Developer Evangelism

Though our programs and events, we connect with tens of thousands of technology developers, serving a broad range of industries. SVForum can provide effective ways to connect with target developers, including speaker panels, demo days, workshops, developer events, office hours, and work sessions.

“I am beyond thrilled!!! We are working with tech organizations in other areas, and by far SVForum has been the easiest to work with and actually delivering results!”

Jessica Sprinkel, Director of Marketing Program, LogiAnalytics

3. Corporate Innovation

Join other top enterprise executives at our annual Innovation Summit, where participants share insights and best practices for driving innovation within their company. Creating a bridge to Silicon Valley and establishing internal visibility is critical to your competitive advantage in capturing innovation and developing strategic partnerships

Through the SVForum Enterprise Innovation Program, we facilitate early access to innovative technologies, products and teams, from some of Silicon Valley most creative startups, allowing efficient identification, evaluation, and integration of key emerging technologies and business models.