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    Raising your Next Round of Funding

    Seasoned startup founders and investors will tell you it's frequently easier to sell a "Concept" than "Real Business" to Investors. When Investors like the founding team and the market opportunity, they end up making bets, which are often gut based decisions as opposed to data or deep due diligence driven.

    However, it almost always takes longer and costs more than what's stated in a company's financial projections to achieve business momentum for the next round of financing. Companies that execute well and achieve escape velocity can close "UP" rounds very quickly, but "Getting to Plan B" and slower growing startups can find the follow-on fund raising process slow and painful. Though new Investors like the company and the market space it operates in, slow performance metrics and Post Money valuation of the previous round can make raising the next round more difficult. This is particularly troublesome in the transition from angel to VC A round funding, as has been highlighted in numerous blogs and articles in recent months.

    Caught between the Rock and the Hard Place, Startups could end up getting demotivated and distracted, losing value quickly. So what's the best ways to secure the next round of funding, so you can get the money into the bank and start executing?

    This open, lively and fast paced round table discussion will explore topics critical to raising your next round of funding, including:

    a. Current climate for startups seeking A & B rounds of funding
    b. How raising an A round differs from angel funding, and raising a B round differs from raising an A round
    c. Valuing the company going into your next round fund raising - things that add value, things that take it away!
    d. Best practices for successfully raising an A round in current funding climate

    Guest Mentors:

    Moderated by: Chris Gill, CEO, SVForum

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