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  • Preparing for & Managing Board Meetings                            

    Funded CEOs rarely get to choose their boards. More often, they must play the hand they are dealt.

    If lucky, a CEO gets to work with a well-connected and experienced group of directors who serve as mentors and advisors.  If unlucky, you may find you have a few highly motivated value-added VCs working alongside inexperienced members, or directors with agendas that are very different from yours.

    So how should CEOs prepare for Board meetings & manage their Boards? And how do you as CEO deal with newbies, the "smartest guy in the room" and others who distort Board conduct and performance? What are the strategies you as CEO can employ, to ensure your Board becomes a significant advantage for your company?

    Beyond fundraising and mentoring, Boards are tasked with significant legal responsibilities and governance as well as conflicted roles as shareholders, as well as directors. As interpersonal dynamics give color to a Board's relations with management, legal agreements also provide a governing context. A Board/management relationship that ignores any significant element of the human or legal underpinnings of effective Board conduct is unlikely to generate a positive result.

    This lively & interactive round table discussion will expose participants to current best practices, illustrated with real life examples, and panelist opinions on topics including:

    • Responsibilities of the Board
    • How to prepare for Board meetings, & set Board expectations
    • What you need to include in your Board Packet
    • How you should prepared for Board meetings, particularly when delivering bad news
    • What decisions to bring to the Board
    • How to manage difficult personalities on your Board

    Guest Mentors include:

    Joe Beninato, General Manager Digital Wallet at Urban Airship; entrepreneur & angel investor
    Laureen DeBuono, Partner, FLG Partners
    Amanda Reed, General Partner, Palomar Ventures
    Sharon Wienbar, Managing Partner, Scale Venture Partners
    Moderator: Chris Gill, CEO, SVForum; Member, Sand Hill Angels

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