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    Prasad Kaipa


    Presentation Overview

    Everyone needs a great coach. It's important to know what you don't know so to speak. Coaches help in many ways: understanding your strengths, helping with areas of improvement, and providing valuable support.

    A key part of what coaches do is help with self-awareness. The development of self-awareness is essential to success in life. In fact, the most successful people figure out what their innate strengths are and leverage them. In this Founders Forum session, our speaker will help us with key coaching issues.

    Questions to think about in preparation for the session:

    • What would make a difference for you in your life?
    • What is not working?
    • What are your aspirations?

    This month's speaker, Prasad Kaipa, can help. He is a CEO advisor and coach for senior executives. Bring whatever questions/issues/challenges you are facing in your business. The session will be very interactive and focused on our members particular issues.


    About the Presenter

    Prasad Kaipa is a CEO advisor and coach for senior executives. He works with Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Sun, Raytheon and also entrepreneurial companies like Aztec, Mastek, Olixir and RowentaUSA. He is a part-time faculty in the areas of Organizational Systems, Creativity and Innovation and developmental psychology at the Saybrook Graduate School. Prasad is currently on the board of directors/trustees for Society for Organizational Learning (created around Peter Senge’s learning organization concepts), TiE Silicon Valley, Aankhen, the Hindu University of North America and Catalyst.

    The mission of SelfCorp is to clarify and align aspirations of executives with that of their corporations. Prasad’s unique competence is in helping his clients find their next significant step and his focus is on igniting their natural genius. By coaching CEOs, executive teams and board members to be clear about what they aspire and how they can contribute meaningfully to their company, Prasad assists them to be effective and successful in what they do; get reenergized and build new capacities; and make innovative and strategic decisions.

    Prasad worked with Boeing, Disney, Mobil, Ford, Sun, Pepsi (Quaker Oats), NavTech, BAE Systems, Sasken, Mastek, Pacific Bell in business transformation, executive development and management team development. Executives from companies like Cisco and HP have worked with Prasad in developing knowledge business models for creating a new business and in coming up with unique, “brandable” product design that is consistent with their culture. At SelfCorp, Prasad has also developed approaches and tools that allow executives to “map the genetic code of organizations” so that they can ‘re-wire’ their organizations for superior performance.

    As a senior manager in Apple, Prasad was asked to create an educational menu for Apple technical staff using innovative learning approaches. Later, as a research fellow in the Apple University, with a charter to help design ‘a learning processor that augments human intelligence,’ Prasad interviewed high achievers and exceptional people researching how people learn and ‘unlearn.’

    Prasad originally got his doctorate in Physics (Dissertation on Optical Information Storage) and helped build an international research laboratory in the University of Utah with Dr. Ed Haskell (1981-87). Prasad also worked as an educator (Saybrook Institute 1994-), as a manager in international product marketing (1987-88) and a technology advisor (1988-89) (Apple) and received several awards for his contributions. Athena Interactive released three award winning CD-ROMs for leaders based on his learning interface concepts and his pyramid building (thinking in three dimensions) methodology.

    Prasad’s book ‘Discontinuous Learning: Reflections on Aligning Life and Work’ is scheduled to be available in 2005 through Vinayaka Media, Palo Alto, CA. Many of his articles, book, pyramids and tools are available on the Internet and

    Prasad is married to Dr. Vinoda and has two kids Pravin (18) and Vidya (14). He enjoys reinterpreting and exploring Indian spiritual treasures (and its application to developing highly effective and authentic leaders), listening to classical music and playing tennis.



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