FF SIG (SF): Perseverance and Company Building



  • With Steve O'Neal, Founder and Chairman of ThinkLink

    Steve O'Neal, Founder and Chairman, ThinkLink

    The Bay Room at Fort Mason (Building A)
    San Francisco, CA

    6:00-6:30 pm light dinner
    6:30-8:30 pm program

    $20, advance registration required by phone (408) 494-8378. Limited to company founders who are SDForum Members; no service providers, please.

    Presentation Overview
    Starting a company is a roller coaster of ups and downs: Steve will share his experience of founding ThinkLink and how perseverance plays a role in ThinkLink's success.

    About our Guest
    Steve O'Neal is the founder and Chairman of ThinkLink, a Communications Application Service Provider offering a suite of web and phone accessible integrated communications services. He has a strong sales and marketing background, as well as operational expertise in fast-growing small companies. Steve has founded and managed companies in different industries, most recently a SF start-up that combined computer telephony and Internet into an innovative consumer product, and previously companies in restoration, travel, real estate, and environmental test manufacturing. Mr. O'Neal received a BA in Psychology and Economics from Wesleyan University.