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  • ...in executing a global strategy.


    Murali Chirala, Co-Founder and President - CyberBills


    Starter Fluid, One Jackson Place
    633 Battery Street, Suite 110
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    Phone: 415.291.9535


    6:30-7:00 pm light dinner
    7:00-9:00 pm program


    $20, advance registration required by phone (408) 494-8378. Limited to company founders who are SDForum Members; no service providers, please.

    Presentation Overview

    Global strategies have commanded the attention of companies, big and small, as well as the academia. In today's networked economy, global strategy has gained a whole new meaning. With all the talk about back-to-fundamentals and Internet meltdown, global strategy has taken a major emphasis. Companies are desperately looking to improve their bottomline since the topline growth is slowing down.

    Our July 10th talk will focus on globalization strategy with respect to offshore engineering and operations. We will discuss approaches where companies have either setup remote operations or partnered with offshore companies to provide cost and quality advantage they cannot find locally.

    Our guest, Murali Chirala, led Cyberbills global strategy with respect to India development and operations. He will share his first-hand experience in executing a global strategy. This will be a topical discussion not to be missed.

    About our Guest

    Murali Chirala

    Murali Chirala, a 12-year veteran in the high-tech industry, has excelled in varying positions ranging from technical leadership to management. Chirala co-founded CyberBills with John Simpson in 1998 after the two had worked together at Healtheon Corp. Prior to serving as Senior Engineer at Healtheon, Chirala founded Scope Technologies, Inc., a company that developed network management software for enterprise networks. He transitioned the company into a network-consulting firm before moving to the Bay Area to join Healtheon in 1996. Chirala has also served in various positions at Lucent Technologies, Morgan Stanley and Southwestern Bell. Chirala earned his MS in Computer Science from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

    About Cyberbills

    CyberBills is the leading EBPP application service provider and first company to offer a 100 percent bill management service that allows customers to view, pay, manage and automate all of their bills - paper or electronic - online. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in San Jose, Calif., CyberBills provides a suite of electronic bill presentment and payment solutions to financial institutions, brokerage firms, credit unions, technology companies and e-commerce portals. This suite of services includes: Pay Anyone, Total Bill ManagementT and Business Payables ManagementT.