FF SIG: Fundraising and Other Financing Strategies



  • In this session we'll discuss traditional sources of finance such as venture capital, as well as bootstrapping and other techniques, all in the hands-on, first-person style of founders talking with founders.


    David Lawee (bio) - Entrepreneur/Venture Capitalist


    Presentation Overview

    Fundraising and Other Financing Strategies

    The number one job of the entrepreneur is to make sure that your company doesn't run out of cash. This may have been easy during the bubble years, but 2001 and 2002 were a very different story. In 2003, what will be the best way to fund your company? Will it be venture capital? Or will it be bootstrapping and other "guerilla funding" tactics?

    Come hear David Lawee's take on fundraising in a down economy. He started his first company before the boom, founded Mosaic Venture Partners during the bubble economy, and rolled up his sleeves to turn around OpenCola in 2001 and 2002. As always, our exclusive group of founders and CEOs will share their hard-earned experience and advice in open, honest, no-holds-barred discussion.


    About our Guest


    David Lawee - Entrepreneur/Venture Capitalist

    David Lawee is a Founder and Managing Director of Mosaic Venture Partners, focused on software and Internet investing. His successful investments include Silanis, Cyberplex, Soundbite, GotMarketing, OpenCola, and DirectHit, which was sold to AskJeeves for $550 million.

    Most recently, David served as the acting CEO of OpenCola, a Fortune Magazine "Cool" Company for 2001, cutting costs, refocusing development, recruiting a new management team, and raising a second round of funding from Battery Ventures.

    Prior to founding Mosaic Venture Partners, David worked at McKinsey & Company in the electronic commerce, IT, and M&A practices.

    David holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, and earned his law degree from McGill University in Montreal, while simultaneously founding and running Glenmont Publications, a publishing business with over 70 employees across Canada.

    David lives in Los Gatos, with his wife Lorna and their three children.


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