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SEM SIG: From Tar Baby to Fire Ball



  • Kickstarting Innovation in the Sun Solaris Group


    Presentation Overview

    From Tar Baby to Fire Ball: Kickstarting Innovation in the Sun Solaris Group

    "When I first took on leading the Solaris team from 1998, I asked executives and management what they would consider success in the job. They said that one key factor was doing more innovation. After spending 7 years stabilizing the move from SunOS to Solaris, the team had been labeled incrementalists." - Mark Himelstein

    Mark's talk looks at the steps that led to re-kindling innovation in the Solaris group, including planting seeds in the form of individual empowerment, sensible processes and leadership. The results are evident in Solaris 10 which is widely considered as an industry leading operating system release.


    About the Presenter

    Mark Himelstein, President Heavenstone Inc.

    After twenty years in the computer industry, Mark Himelstein, President of Heavenstone Inc. uses his experience and knowledge to benefit small and large companies alike. A former Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Apple Computer executive, Mark is the author of the recently published "100 Questions to Ask Your Software Organization." Bad software, late software, insecure software all challenge corporate profits, user confidence and overall productivity. Recent organizational announcements at Microsoft Corporation make it clear how managers have been responsible for the lack of leadership and practicality in the Microsoft Windows™ Vista content and schedules. It is not just computers anymore either. With the average car weighing in with over 35 million lines of code, Toyota Motor Corporation announced in August that a software bug was causing big problems in their popular hybrid cars.

    "Many software development executives and managers started their careers as engineers. We train computer science graduates to program and not how to plan, manage, and lead," said Mark Himelstein, president of Heavenstone, Inc. "Consequently, many managers find themselves ill-prepared for the tasks before them; and, in the end, the companies and their customers experience product delays, quality issues, and organizational issues. Some managers pick up skills along the way. This book shortens that journey."

    Heavenstone, Inc. provides companies with software and management consulting services. Since its inception in 2005, Heavenstone has helped its clientele achieve excellence through sound and thoughtful management practices. Heavenstone, Inc. can be found on the Worldwide Web at www.heavenstone.us



    Building D
    Southern Cross Room
    3410 Hillview Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94304