Engineering Leadership SIG: Jan. 19 - NO EL SIG EVENT - SVForum Open House Instead!



  • Dear SVForum ELSIG community -

    NO JANUARY EL SIG EVENT - If you're an SVForum or SVASE member . . . please attend this event instead.

    SVForum has scheduled an open house to celebrate multiple achievements:

    • new CEO - Chris Gill
    • joining with SVASE
    • Welcome party for SVASE members

    This event will occur on January 19, which is normally our "3rd Thursday" night for ELSIG. Since this is an event that is important to SVForum (and therefore ELSIG), we recommend that our membership attend this Open House in force, rather than diluting the ELSIG community across 2 separate events on the same night. This would also allow ELSIG chairs and core team to attend the open house and meet and welcome our new SVASE partners and members, rather than be conspicuously absent - we want SVASE members to join ELSIG! We want to support these SVForum developments.

    Please therefore note that we will NOT hold our regular monthly meeting on January 19 at SAP, and we encourage all ELSIG attendees (and potential attendees) to attend this SVForum open house.