Emerging Tech SIG: ROS - an open source future for robotics



  • Topic: "ROS - an open source future for robotics"

    Whether or not you work with robots, you ought to know about ROS - the Robot Operating System (http://ros.org).

    Robotics has historically been dominated by proprietary systems, but that's about to change.

    Come join us as Dr. Brian Gerkey, CEO of the Open Source Robotics Foundation and a winner of the MIT TR35 award, explains what ROS is, how and why it was designed the way it is, what people are doing with it, and where we're heading next. Dr. Gerkey will cover both the technical and community aspects of ROS, with emphasis on the latter (you can build a great widget, but it doesn't much matter much if nobody uses it).



    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza

    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentation