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    Photography 2.0 - Mobile computational photography for consumers 

    Presenters: Marius Tico and Timo Ahonen - Nokia Research Center


    Have you ever been frustrated that your snapshots just aren't as good as you hoped? While training and artistry help, many problems can actually be solved technically. In fact, digital imaging is an emerging technology, not a mature one, and modern digital cameras could deliver a lot more than the major DSLR manufacturers allow. Come join us as Marius Tico and Timo Ahonen, two leading researchers  from Nokia, show us just what can be done today on DSLRs and on smartphones, the major disruptive threat in consumer imaging.

    Drs. Tico and Ahonen will provide an overview of mobile computational photography, including the key differences between mobile and off-line computational photography. In mobile computational photography the various components of the mobile system, e.g., camera, display, lens, flash, motion sensors, and the computational unit, work jointly with a user in an interactive loop, where several images are taken quickly with changing parameters. A mobile computational photography system  then creates in real- or near-real-time new images that extend the capabilities of the camera available in the device. Examples include high dynamic range (HDR) and panoramic photography. They will also summarize several computational photography applications developed at Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, as well as a new open source camera  control API called Frankencamera (co-developed with Stanford) that enables precise control of the mobile camera system.


    Marius Tico is a Principal Scientist at Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, CA. He received a Dr.Tech. Degree (with honors) in Image Processing from Tampere University of Technology, Finland in 2001; a Ph.D. (magna cum laude) in Electronics and Telecommunications in 1999, and a M.Sc. (with honors) in Computer Science in 1993, from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is the author of several publications in computational photography, image processing, and pattern recognition. He is currently working in mobile computational photography. Timo Ahonen received a Ph.D. (with honors) in information engineering in 2009 from the University of Oulu, Finland, and is now a Member of the Research Staff at NRC Palo Alto. Currently he is working on computational photography on mobile devices. His research interests include computational photography, computer vision, object and face recognition, and image processing. He has authored several international journal and conference papers on texture feature extraction and its application in face image analysis and often reviews papers submitted to the major journals and conferences in computer vision. He visited ETH Zurich in 2002 and University of Maryland in 2005.


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