Emerging Tech SIG: Embedded Technology / Functional Fashion (Demo of Google Glass) and the future of mobile



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    Title: Embedded Technology / Functional Fashion (Demo of Google Glass) and the future of mobile

    This talk will cover the convergence of wearable computing, functional fashion and smartphones in three chapters.

    Chapter 1:  How the smartphone rocked the embedded world.
    In stark contrast to our August talk (Arduino and Raspberry Pi: Transforming Embedded Development), this talk will emphasize NOT building custom hardware. Today more and more embedded devices are being replaced by a smartphone app.

    New MEMs devices are accelerating this trend. The next section will discuss example code, and techniques for building “embedded like” devices that leverage the sensors and antennas on the modern smartphone.  

    The final section of this chapter will review four use case “miss steps” -  where the company designed an embedded device which should have just been a smartphone app.

    Chapter 2: Functional Fashion
    The next chapter will cover the wearable devices, comparing and contrasting them:

    Section one : compare and contrast wearable fitness devices:
    Nike+ Fuelband,  Lark, Fitbit, Jawbone UP, BodyBug and raw devices Motoactv, MSP430

    Section two: compare and contrast smart glasses:
    Google Glass, Recon Jet and GlassUP

    Section three: live demo of Google Glass:
    We will have some fun playing with Glass as the audience is asked to issue commands and see the response from Glass live (this is very interesting as Glass is still in beta). We end with how to develop using the Mirror API and how to attach adb (debugger) and do native Android development on Glass.

    Chapter 3: the convergence

    In light of everything discussed we will decipher where the future is going.  Is Google Glass a wearable device or just a smartphone on your face?  We will explore the relationship of the full range of technological devices and draw some conclusions (which might be wrong but thought provoking).

    Ash ~ [ Siamak Ashrafi ]

    Ash is a Bio-Computational Specialist at a biotech working on finding new cancer bio-markers and drug targets and contributing to publications in scientific journals. He has produced elegant solutions to complex problems which resulted in several issued patents. He competes (and sometimes wins) in coding competitions using social, mobile, cloud and web technologies. He enjoys presenting this work at various events. In his spare time he attends UCSF medical and Stanford surgical seminars. He is very happy with all this, but what he would really like is to get a major sponsor in all three phases of water. Snowboarding [solid H2O], Surfing [liquid H2O] & Kiteboarding [vapor H2O].

    Google+: gplus.to/biologica


    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza

    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentation