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    Title: Does Your Doctor Really Know What Is Wrong With You?

    Misdiagnosis currently runs at 15% to 40% across all patients.  Connectance has developed pattern recognition software that assists primary care doctors and nurse practitioners make a fast and accurate patient diagnosis. Nabil Moukheibir, the founder, will discuss the software and the diagnostic mapping language underpinning this new way to make better diagnoses.



    Speaker Bio: *Nabil W. Moukheibir, M.D. - Founder and CEO**
    *Dr. Moukheibir received his medical degree in 1957, at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. In 1967, he completed a three year fellowship in clinical and research nephrology at the University of Iowa. For ten years, he taught nephrology at the American University of Beirut School of Medicine. In 1980, Dr. Moukheibir founded the Kingsport Dialysis Center, in Kingsport, Tennessee, as a private enterprise for treating end-stage renal disease patients. In 1988, he sold his company to Vivra, Inc. the second largest provider of dialysis services in the U.S. He also introduced acute hemodialysis units at Kingsport's two major hospitals: Columbia / HCA and Wellmont Valley. He kept a private practice in nephrology for sixteen years through June 1993. In addition to medical informatics, Dr. Moukheibir's other interests are in cognitive sciences, linguistics, and the visual arts.

    In 1950 he became aware of Norbert Wiener’s studies through his seminal book on /Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine/.  These ideas played an important role in the scientific evolution of Dr. Moukheibir: how to create a system that would render a medical text reactive to the user and capable of participating in the output of a high quality clinical care. Since his residency days, he has been involved in the creation of a computerized method of medical education. Combining these interests, he launched Connectance to focus on developing diagnostic decision support software.



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