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    Presentation Overview

    This month we will be having two speakers with one focal point on mobile porting & on-device in-network application validation and the second issue is on, mobile Web Services specifically connecting to


    Presentation I

    Kern Computing Abstract ( Prospective Scenario): Title: Did you know...? - A Web Services Thin Client for people on the go.

    Mr. Dart is at dinner with some clients. A well respected business leader says, 'Did you know what author wrote this fascinating book?' It seems awkward to interrupt him so that he can confirm the author's name. Will Mr. Dart remember it in the morning?

    This presentation will talk about the inspiration, technology and design decisions behind a forthcoming application called DidUKnow. This Symbian application queries the Amazon Web Services ( via REST calls. The results are displayed on the phone. With this application, Mr. Dart can discreetly confirm the author's name by querying Amazon.


    Presentation II

    Mobile Complete, Inc. Abstract:

    On-device in-network application validation throughout the application lifecycle is necessary. Time to market is critical. How do you balance the two? Do manual validation, limit device coverage, fly people around, setup remote offices, or use Mobile Complete's remote access and remote control tool to get to real devices in live networks - plus perform automated on-device testing to speedup time to market and reduce testing costs.



    John Kern

    John Kern is a freelance consultant, software engineer and author at Kern Computing. He focuses on mobile computing. Reading his blog ( will help to keep you up to date on programming for mobile devices and events in Silicon Valley. He holds both a BS and MS in Computer Science from Michigan State University. Early in his career he was involved with programmingenvironments and languages at Lucid, Inc and Sun Microsystems.


    Faraz Syed

    Faraz is the Founder and CEO of Mobile Complete, Inc. a San Mateo company focusing on alleviating the bottlenecks present today in delivering mobile applications and services to market. Faraz has been active in the mobile space since 2001. Prior to founding Mobile Complete, Faraz was Director of Solutions at Brience, a company that built a platform for mobile WAP applications -- that was where the genesis of Mobile Complete happened, as Faraz experienced testing woes in his project deployments. Faraz holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.


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    Openwave Systems Inc.

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    Tel: 650.480.8000


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    6:30 PM -8:40 PM Presentations



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