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  • The Multimodal Interactive SIG ( Past Name: Wireless/Voice SIG)



    Morley A. Winograd, Executive Director University of Southern California Center for Telecom Management

    Janet Pearce Stenzel, Fellow & Mobile Media Institute Head University of Southern California Center for Telecom Management


    Presentation Overview

    This month we will be having a special guest from "SCal" -- the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, Center for Telecom Management. Two speakers from USC will present information on two of their programs; 1) A research program, on the behavior of consumers of wireless services, National and Internationally, 2) The Mobile Media Institute (MMI), a campus-wide initiative that was announced at last week's CTIA convention. This institute will use the disciplines of law, engineering, business, communications and content to help shape the nascent mobile media marketplace in partnership with firms from the wireless and entertainment industries.

    Note: USC has been extremely involved in the mobile/wireless industry for approximately the last 3 years, with several programs: 1) Mcommerce to the Max 2) Speak & Spark sessions 3) TRIO / E3 in L.A. convention, integrating mobile gaming 4) eMob initiative and 5) The Mobile Media Institute (MMI) in association with CTIA*.


    About the Presenters

    SPEAKER I - Morley Winograd

    Morley Winograd is the Executive Director of CTM. His career includes eighteen years with AT&T, retiring in 1997 from his position as a Regional Vice President for Commercial Markets. Prior to that assignment, he was President of AT&T's University of Sales Excellence, a two-campus corporate training center that he reshaped into a university model. His innovative approach was recognized in management training books such as Stewardship, by Peter Block, and The Monster Under the Bed, by Stan Davis and Jim Botkin. He is an internationally recognized authority on the impact of technology on life and work, and has advised governments in Argentina, Costa Rica, Israel, Italy and Mexico. He is the co-author of Taking Control: Politics in the Information Age (Holt, 1996) and served as the Director of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government from 1997-2000.


    SPEAKER II - Janet Pearce Stenzel

    Janet is a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Telecom Management in the Marshall School of business at USC and sits on the planning committee for the Mobile Media Institute. In addition to her work at USC, Janet serves as President of ICM Insights, a company she created in 2000 after leaving her position as Executive Director of the twenty-four nation PECC Telecom and IT Forum. In-line with her professional activities Janet serves on numerous boards. Among these are the International Advisory Group to the PECC Telecom and IT Forum, the Steering Committee of the ITU Center for Excellence in Asia, the board of the Pacific Telecommunications Council, the Board of the Annual Entertainment and Media Asia Conference, and Chair's office of Pacific Alliance for the Use of IT in Entertainment and Training (EduPACT). Educational Credentials include a Masters in Economic from a joint programme between the London School of Economics and the School of Oriental and African Studies; a bachelors degree from Washington University, and supplemental certificates of study from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles and Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute.


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