Startup Expo Day 2013 - Deliver, Debut, Showcase Your Company!


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What a diverse group of some amazing startups. Investors, take note!


  • SVForums’ First-Ever Startup Expo Day
    Debut, Deliver, and Showcase Your Startup Company
    One-on-one to Investors!

    NOTE - There are no more Startup Tables Available -- Sold Out! If you are an accredited investor and would like to attend, please email [email protected] - and she can sign you up (no cost). Thank you!

    Declare why you think you have the next great product or idea!
    Deliver your product demo to the investors one-on-one!
    Disclose why they should invest in you!
    Divulge what you
    and only youcan do!

    Date: October 23rd, 2013 from 1:00 – 4:30 PM
    Dine & Drinks: 4:30-7:00 PM – hors d'oeuvres and wine reception
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    SVForum Startup Expo Companies:


    1World Online ia Silicon Valley-based startup providing an innovative Social Research & Analytics service. Their work revolves around gathering opinions variety of topics, and collecting quality data for decision-makers via informed choices.  


    Adapteva is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on low power multi-core microprocessor design. The company was the first company to announce a design with 1000 general-purpose microprocessors on a single chip.


    Health research today is largely motivated by profit, which leaves promising leads without a profit potential unfunded. The Althea platform empowers even small patient groups to come together to conduct and fund their own 'needs' based research.

    Bringing interactivity and tracking to broadcast media.
    With more that 2 Millions happy users around the world, AuthenWare is the most effective, natural, and economical authentication solution to prevent identity theft and fraud, based on an accurate, certified and proven behavioral biometric technology #NoMorePasswords -
    Bright Robin is an educational software startup, providing classroom software that allows teachers to plan lessons and track classroom performance in real-time, as well as students to learn and complete exercises, all with student tablet devices connected to the teacher’s console.


    Corent Technology, Inc. Corent’s SurPaaS™ is the complete SaaS service delivery platform for any software application on any Cloud!

    CrowdFlik is the collaborative video APP that synchronizes multiple mobile video feeds and organizes it so that users can easily create and share their own custom edits from any event.

    DynoSense Corp. is a medical technology startup, less than a year old, built by successful high tech veterans with a mission to “innovate best in class products and services for a better,  longer, and healthy life that are integrated, accurate, secure, elegant, simple to use.” We call it “Innovation For Life.

    eNano Health Limited (ENH) is developing a series of medical device (eNano Sensors) that can be used to detect a wide range of diseases or wellness markers (e.g., disease proteins.)

    ePOST provides a secure digital postal web based platform linked to a physical address enable users to receive and send their mail.

    Escardgot's perfect solution for virtual-card users enables use at unattended brick and mortar POS's. Escardgot's smartphone app and SCard turns any virtual or other mag-stripe data number into a physical, swipable card at any existing mag-stripe POS. This patented technology organizes and replaces all of the mag-stripe cards in a purse or wallet with one single card.   

    Replace paper stock certificates with eShares.

    Reinventing the trade show and lead generation industry, eZ-Xpo instantly delivers qualified organic leads for clients through its multi-network virtual expo marketplace ecosystem.


    Fasetto is a cloud services start up with a variety of solutions, including offline & online file sharing capabilities, for people and businesses.

    Fosmo Med is out to save lives through technology with Maji, a saline IV solution bag that is shipped dry and filled with fresh local water, clean or dirty, to create sterile saline solution for patient use.

    We make it easy for travelers to tell and share stories about their lifetime experiences. Our Chronicles of Earth web and mobile applications will be the standard for interactive multimedia storytelling and sharing.

    Peer-to-peer boat and powersport rentals, rent from owners near you and everyone is insured.
    Run Perfect Marketing and Sales Events - Every Time!  Use deep insights to eliminate the guesswork, and execute flawlessly on the go with Goombal.

    H2bid is an online community where water utilities and vendors interact, transact business, and find smart procurement solutions.

    Powering the Emerging Market for Mobile Integrated Financial Services.

    At iFity we are building a platform for mass-delivery of fitness and personal training services over video-chat.  Subscribers using iFity service exercise at home in a new way - more social, more efficient and more convenient.  Get a preview of the service:

    Kuona brings the Search and Sort buttons to the brick & mortar stores. Kuona is a mobile app that helps you find quickly the consumer products that you want to buy across retail stores and inside them. The app organises your shopping list by aisle and gives you relevant deals based on it. 

    Our patented method for automated scientific discovery features live cell imaging and automated decision-making.

    Chop your data center operating costs in half with Lopoco ultra-efficient servers.


    Better Internet Safety for families and schools. There are over 2 billion smartphones and tablets worldwide. All lack Internet Safety. Until now.


    Musikara provides an online music collaboration environment.  We enable musicians to jam, learn, compose, and record music collaboratively and remotely.

    NephoScale is a blazing fast next generation IaaS cloud platform that offers both on-demand virtual and dedicated bare metal servers, all on the same broadcast domain!

    We are pleased to introduce neupaper, a mobile app and web-based content management system that replaces paper and clipboard to streamline workflows. The system makes it possible to deploy iPads without custom programming or IT staff while still integrating with various back-end systems and cloud services.

    At NexusTopia, our vision is to make your work day Simple! Our Integrated Execution Platform simplifies decision-making by giving you the whole picture: Transparency, realtime visibility, and insight into all activities, projects and tasks. Our Communication and Collaboration core technology enables you to align your workforce around your organization's goals and priorities. This results in improved productivity, performance and most important, execution.

    A cross-platform mobile application (iOS and Android) that allows users to connect with one another - face to face - within our application.

    nxtHealth provides socio-digital health solutions for retirement communities so that the residents, healthcare staff and the community can band together to monitor, manage health at home and improve emotional comfort.


    Automated patent intelligence, valuations, visual search and analytics. 

    Phoneme Systems develops innovative cutting edge rapid application development tool and input device for PCs, tablets and smartphones. 
    Sandstone Diagnostics' lead product, Trak, is a consumer male fertility monitoring kit that empowers couples to take control of their fertility and improve their chances of conception.

    ShoppinPal is a mobile platform for brick & mortar retailers that combines the best elements of the Starbucks rewards and checkout experience along with Amazon-like product recommendations and analytics.

    Reinventing Portable Instruments for the Connected World.' sigSense is creating a new generation of connected instruments, bringing innovation to the market. 

    SponsorAny is the newest and best way to find sponsorship opportunities - or - find a sponsor - for anything! 

    We are building a new document format for the mobile Internet age ( It works on all devices including tablets. Improve your productivity with better tools for creating, exchanging, and managing your business documents. 

    We create exciting, engaging online and mobile experiences for kids, tweens and teens.

    Manage your career. Maximize your potential.  Talentral is a portfolio management platform where professionals can store and manage all their career accomplishments in one easily accessible place. 

    Tiatros moves all of the clinical workflow processes that doctors use to coordinate patient care into a private, secure mobile cloud, where everyone involved has reliable access to all of the information and people they need, smoothing out clinical workflow processes and adding a rich social layer to dramatically improve healthcare efficiency.

    Trendicy offers SaaS for Smarter Big Data — on-demand actionable analytics for any market vertical.

    TrintMe is an award winning social app to express your true intentions (friendly or romantic) to friends and take the next step without the fear of rejection or spoiled relationships.

    Our mission is to empower patients with mobile solutions making it easier to follow doctors' instructions and adopt healthier habits, for better outcomes and lower health care costs.

    With our advanced biometric technology, we track and measure viewers’ reactions to your media to discover what captures their attention—and what messages and visuals are left unnoticed.

    Monetize your video by extracting meaning from speech through

    A Quick and Simple way to Share and Sell your products.


    • A Startup Membership for 3 members of your team.
    • An opportunity for two people from your company to attend.
    • A flyer distributed to the investors.
    • Your company description displayed on the SVForum website.
    • Your company information emailed to over 2,000 investors.
    • A table for you to showcase your company products and services, one-on-one with investors.
    • An opportunity to be seen right in the heart of Silicon Valley!

    Damage to attend:
    Members - $205.00

    Non-members - $350.00 (which includes an SVForum Startup Membership for 3 people)

    Do sign up now!!! This event is limited to accredited Investors and pre-registered Startup companies seeking funding - Series A, B or C rounds (or Seed funding). You must be pre-registered to attend. Thank you!

    Don’t miss your chance to have a table at this expo!

    Disclaimer: Your company must be an emerging technology company.


    Dispatch: Our official press release hit the news on October 2! Check it out here:
    Silicon Valley Business Journal
    Yahoo Finance
    Fort Mill Times
    Street Insider
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    • 12:00-1:00 PM - Set-up Time
    • 1:00-5:00 PM - Startup Demonstration Table Expo - provides you with essential time to meet one-on-one with investors.
    • 5:00 - 7:00 PM - Hors d'oeuvres and Wine Reception