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Jim Breyer

Jim is a Partner at Accel and is the President of Accel Management Company. Jim has been an investor in over 30 consumer Internet, media, and technology companies that have completed public offerings or successful mergers. Several of these investments returned over 100 times their initial cost and many of these investments have returned over 25 times their cost to investors. In April 2011, Forbes published its Midas List of top technology investors and ranked Jim #1. In August 2010, Fortune Magazine named Jim the #1 smartest investor in technology, and one of the 10 smartest people in all of technology.

Jim is currently the lead/co-lead Investor/Director in several privately-held companies such as Facebook  (where he led Accel's investment in April, 2005) and where he is the founding Chairman of the Compensation Committee,  Etsy (since 2007),Legendary Pictures, and several others.

Jim is currently on the board of directors of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc (WMT), where he is the Lead/Presiding Independent Director, and serves on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, and the Technology Operations Committee. Jim also serves on the board of Brightcove (BCOV), where he invested in the Series A round in 2005, and on the board of Dell Inc (DELL), where he is the Chair of the Finance Committee, and where he serves on the Incubation Advisory Board, the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee, and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. Jim recently was elected to the board ofNews Corporation (NWS) in October, 2011. Previously, Jim served on the board of Marvel Entertainment  (MVL) up until their acquisition by Disney (DIS), and he was founding Chairman of Marvel’s Strategic Planning Committee.

Jim is co-founder, and on the Strategic Investment Committee/Board of Accel-KKR and IDG-Accel China Fund, and is a Founding Insight Partner of Technology Crossover Investors (TCV).

Jim is a former Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, a former President of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists. He is on the Board of the Associates of the Harvard Business School, Pacific Community Ventures, Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Technet and is a Trustee of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), and of The Menlo School. Jim is Chairman of the Stanford Engineering Venture Fund, former Chairman of the Harvard Business School California Research Center, and is the former Chairman of the Silicon Valley region committee for Stanford University's Campaign for Undergraduate Education. He is also a Member Governor of several World Economic Forum committees. In December 2005, Jim was appointed an Honorary Professor at the 1,000 year-old Yuelu Academy, Hunan University, China.

Jim graduated with highest distinction from Stanford University with a BS and from Harvard University with an MBA, where he was named a Baker Scholar (top 5% of class).

David Kirkpatrick 

David Kirkpatrick is an author, journalist, and media entrepreneur. He is founder and CEO of Techonomy Media, which hosts numerous events globally including the annual Techonomy conference on technology's role in business and social progress. (www.techonomy.com) Kirkpatrick also wrote the definitive history and explanation of Facebook, The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World.

The fourth annual Techonomy 2014 will take place Nov. 9-11 at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. Participants have included Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, Jim Breyer, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Tony Hsieh, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Neelie Kroes, Ray Kurzweil, Larry Page, Sean Parker, Eric Schmidt, and Jeff Weiner. Techonomy also hosts the annual public Techonomy Detroit, focused on U.S. economic issues and jobs in a technologized age, as well as smaller events across the U.S. and recently in Tel Aviv, London, and Hong Kong. It publishes extensive video and editorial content at techonomy.com on technology's integral role in, increasingly, everything.

Kirkpatrick's bestselling book on Facebook has been published in 32 countries and was a finalist for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year as well as the Gerald Loeb Award. He was for many years senior editor for Internet and technology at Fortune where he wrote numerous cover stories and created and hosted Fortune's Brainstorm conference series. Kirkpatrick writes regularly for Vanity Fair, LinkedIn, and Forbes, and is a contributing editor for Bloomberg Television.. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Salman Khan

Sal Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy (khanacademy.org), a nonprofit with the mission of providing free, high-quality education for “anyone, anywhere” in the world. Khan graduated from MIT in 1998 with three degrees: two bachelor of science degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering/computer science; and a master of science degree in electrical engineering. He worked in technology in Silicon Valley until the first bubble burst, after which he attended Harvard Business School. After earning a masters degree in business administration in 2003, Khan became an analyst at a Boston based hedge fund.

In 2004 as a side project, Khan began tutoring his young cousin in math, communicating by phone and using an interactive notepad. When others expressed interest, he began posting videos of his hand-scribbled tutorials on YouTube. Demand took off, and in 2009 he quit his day job to commit himself fully to the not-for-profit Khan Academy. The Khan Academy website now provides selfpacing software and unlimited access to over 3,000 instructional videos covering everything from basic arithmetic to college level science and economics. It’s the most-used library of educational videos on the web, with over 5 million unique students per month, over 150 million lessons delivered, and over half a billion exercises completed. Over 10,000 classrooms around the world are also using Khan Academy to help build student mastery of topics and to free up class time for dynamic project based learning.

Khan was recently profiled by 60 Minutes and recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). At SpaceX, Elon is the chief designer, overseeing development of rockets and spacecraft for missions to Earth orbit and ultimately to other planets. In 2008, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft won the NASA contract to provide a commercial replacement for the cargo transport function of the Space Shuttle, which retires in 2011. The SpaceX Falcon 1 was the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to reach orbit. In 2010, SpaceX became the first commercial company to successfully recover a spacecraft from Earth orbit with its Dragon spacecraft.

At Tesla, Elon has overseen product development and design from the beginning, including the all electric Tesla Roadster, Model S and Model X. Transitioning to a sustainable energy economy, in which electric vehicles play a pivotal role, has been one of his central interests for almost two decades, stemming from his time as a physics student working on ultracapacitors in Silicon Valley.

In addition, Elon is the non-executive chairman and principal shareholder of SolarCity, which he helped create. SolarCity is now the leading provider of solar power systems in the United States.

Prior to SpaceX, Elon co-founded PayPal, the world's leading Internet payment system, and served as the company's Chairman and CEO. Before PayPal, Mr. Musk co-founded Zip2, a provider of Internet software to the media industry.

In 2007, Musk was recognized for his work by Research and Development Magazine’s, receiving their Innovator of the Year Award. He received the 2007/2008 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics award for the greatest contribution to the field of space transportation. In 2008, Musk was named as one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century by Esquire magazine and received the Aviation Week 2008 Laureate for the most significant achievement worldwide in the space industry.

In 2009, the National Space Society awarded Musk their Von Braun Trophy, given for leadership of the most significant achievement in space. In 2010, Musk was the youngest recipient of the Auto Executive of the Year Innovator Award for his work at Tesla Motors. Most recently, he was named to the Time 100 for 2010.

He has a physics degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a business degree from Wharton.