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Tools and Techniques: From Vision to Reality: Negotiating Desired Outcomes






    Synopsis: Getting results is the goal of project managers.  The process of making this happen starts with defining a purpose, forming a vision, and working through mission and goals to deliver outputs, preferably outcomes desired by the customer or client.  In practice, many steps are missed or skipped, and stakeholders resist.  This session traverses the journey from vision to reality, defining terms, sharing examples, and illustrating how negotiating skills are crucial to the process.  The net outcome for participants does not require learning a whole new process; rather you come to embrace accountability as a vital tool and adopt a mindset about key concepts and techniques that make you more complete—and immediately effective—as a project manager.

    About the Speaker:


    Randall L. Englund is a best-selling author, world traveler, facilitator, speaker, trainer, consultant, project sponsor and manager.  He loves sharing his passion for project management and leadership topics that he regularly covers in seminars and online courses.  Returning to Silicon Valley where he spent a long career at HP and GE, Randy highlights insights and stories from his journey through the worlds of high tech, publishing (The Complete Project Manager), and building a home at The Cliffs of Snow Canyon in southern Utah.  Come find what these all have in common.  Experience the power of storytelling—and the use of multi-media—to educate, inform, and best of all, get the results you desire. 

    More information about Randy is at www.englundpmc.com.  Get additional exposure to these concepts and techniques by joining Randy for a full day workshop Saturday, June 8th, on Toolkit of Soft Skills for The Complete Project Manager.

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