Founders Space October Roundtable: Apps and Apps Investing



  • Apps and Apps Investing: Which Apps are Most Appealing to Angels and VCs?

    The app space is crowded, but investors continue to invest. Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out in the app space.  Nevertheless, the need for new and exciting apps continues, and investors continue to look for opportunities. With the app space getting more saturated by the day, app developers need to be aware not only of shifting markets but shifting investment attitudes as well.  Learn from our panel of experts about which apps and app startups are most appealing to angels and VCs and how best to pitch your app. Sign up now!

    Noah Doyle of Javelin Ventures
    Jeff Tannenbaum of Blue Run Ventures
    Una Ryan of Angels' Forum.

    Note: The Steuart Tower is a Secure Building--access is restricted after 6:30 pm.

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    A Founders Space Roundtable is a monthly meeting where founders get together to share knowledge, solve problems and make connections. Each Roundtable tackles a specific subject, such as raising capital, negotiating term sheets, attracting talent, creating marketing plans, and filing patents.  The session begins with industry experts providing detailed advice.  Then we roll up our sleeves, gather into small groups, and help each other with issues we’re facing.

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