Beyond Lean Basics: Designing a Learning Organization



  • In this full-day seminar for software and technology executives, you will learn how to make your company a Learning Organization, one that can innovate and execute faster than its competitors. We will be using the Lean Systems Framework, a rich extension of Lean for knowledge work described in this groundbreaking Cutter IT Journal Paper.

    You will learn how to:

    • Accelerate the development and delivery of products and services
    • Design your organization to maximize flow, transparency and collaboration
    • Mobilize everyone for 360-degree continuous learning and improvement (Kaizen)
    • Establish leadership behaviors that stimulates creativity and innovation
    • Benchmark your organizations's ability to learn

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    Topics Will Include: 
    Assessing your company with the Learning Organization Performance Index
    Redesigning your organization in five key dimensions (Kaikaku):
    Uncovering and classifying your company’s learning and improvement needs
    Product versus process improvement
    Focusing organizational learning on what matters most for the company
    Lean Product Development Systems
    Effective goal-setting and decision-making
    Managing risks and options
    Reducing time-to-market
    Why managers resort to command-and-control and what to do about it
    Leadership moves that kill learning and innovation

    ...and much more. Please see the event page for more information

    08:30 Registration and light breakfast
    09:00 Beyond the Lean Basics
    09:15 Effective Learning Organizations -- how do you stack up?
    09:30 Mapping, Assessing and Redesigning Your Organization

    10:40 Morning Break

    10:50 Lean Product Development Systems

    12:00 Lunch

    1:00 Uncovering and classifying your organization’s learning opportunities
    1:30 Setting up an Organizational Learning System

    1:30 Afternoon Break

    1:45 Lean Leadership and Culture
     4:30 Implementation issues, discussion
     5:00 Wrap-up