Cloud Computing & Virtualization SIG: Cloud Computing Scalability and Performance



  • Topic: It’s 2011. People are ready to move beyond the “what is cloud computing” conversation and focus on the nuts-and-bolts of “how”: how to build applications, make them secure, recover their costs, and make sure they scale. This month’s SDForum Cloud Computing and Virtualization SIG presents three speakers who will discuss practical details, challenges, and best practices for building scalable, secure cloud applications.

    Cloud Computing Scalability and Performance: What Leading-edge Organizations are Doing

    There are many important architectural decisions for online applications that will set the stage for performance and scalability. Come take a journey through the levels of a multi-tier application and learn from experience how to be pro-active about building for scalability.  Before talking about building for scalability, this session will start by covering performance and scalability metrics from some of the world's largest web sites to set context for how organizations should apply their efforts for the most gain.  Once the groundwork is laid, Dan will share his experiences to describe where online applications are breaking, where to look for scalability concerns and how to engineer around them.  In his role at SOASTA, Dan is responsible for enabling customers to test in their production environments, sometimes to the tune of millions of users.  He has seen pretty much every component of an application architecture fall over, from load balancers and switches to poorly written code.  These pitfalls can be avoided if you know where to look, and attendees will take away knowledge that will guide them on where to shine the spotlight first.

    Speaker Biography

    Dan Bartow is Vice President and CloudTest Evangelist at SOASTA, the leader in performance testing from the cloud. Prior to joining SOASTA he was Senior Manager of Engineering at Intuit, where his team was responsible for the speed and stability of TurboTax Online, the #1 rated, best-selling online tax software. Over the past decade he has been responsible for the speed and scalability of websites for such well-known brands as American Eagle Outfitters, AT&T, Best Buy, Finish Line, J.Crew, Neiman Marcus and Sony Online Entertainment, among others. Dan has set multiple industry precedents including launching the worlds largest stateful JBoss cluster and using over 2000 cloud computing cores to generate load against a live web site.  Dan is a frequent industry presenter and has spoken at leading testing and cloud computing conferences such as Software Test & Performance (STP), O'Reilly's Web2.0 Expo, Amazon Web Services Road Show, and SYS-CON’s Cloud Computing Expo.

    Monetizing Cloud-based Applications

    Application developers are embracing cloud-based platforms for the flexibility, elasticity, low costs, and distribution advantages  they deliver compared to traditional platforms and deployment models. But even as developers rush to create new cloud-based products and services, many struggle to efficiently monetize those applications and generate real revenue, and in many cases are unaware of the breadth of monetization approaches that the cloud enables. Cloud computing has popularized the “pay per drink” model for infrastructure consumption, but what about applications whose real value to customers isn’t just a function of infrastructure consumption? How can developers really monetize application value while minimizing their costs to acquire and manage customers? This session will highlight the real-world challenges of monetizing cloud applications, review different approaches and alternatives, and include case studies to show you how other technology companies have addressed monetization in public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud scenarios.

    Speaker Biography

    Lance Walter is Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Aria Systems, a leading provider of cloud-based billing solutions that automate recurring revenue models. Lance has more than fifteen years experience in business and technical roles at startups as well as industry leaders including Aria Systems, Pentaho Corporation, Business Objects, Siebel Systems, Hyperion Solutions and Oracle Corporation. Lance has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

    Encryption in the public cloud: techniques for securing storage volumes

    The single most voiced concern about using public cloud infrastructure for applications is security. Uppermost in most application architects’ minds is how to ensure security and privacy of data. While encryption is often proposed as a method to address data security, common modes of implementing encryption are unwieldy and difficult to manage. New data encryption modes are now available. This presentation will discuss the benefits and challenges of public cloud data encryption and best practice techniques for implementing data encryption.

    Speaker Biography

    As Vice President of Cloud Security, Dave Asprey is responsible for thought leadership and technology evangelism for Trend Micro’s cloud computing and virtualization businesses.

    Dave joined Trend Micro after a spending most of 2010 as an Entrepreneur in Residence at venture capital firm Trinity Ventures, co-founding a cloud startup, and selling a web-based virtual desktop startup. He was previously VP of Technology and VP of Business & Corporate Development at Blue Coat Systems. He spent 2 years as VP Technology & Marketing at cloud networking vendor Zeus Technologies. Earlier, he ran strategic planning for Citrix’s Virtualization Business Unit and began his career in the cloud as a co-founder of the professional services group at Exodus Communications, then as Sr. Director of Product Management at Speedera, now part of Akamai. Dave also ran the Web & Internet Systems Engineering Program for UC Santa Cruz for 5 years.


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