Navigating Gender Differences for Business Success



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    With the inclusion of many talented and qualified women into management positions in today's workplace companies are finding ways to adjust policies, procedures and cultural norms to support the advancement of women today. These revised company policies are making these companies a top choice for employers in the market place; with men taking advantage of these opportunities as well.

    The changing dynamics of the workplace mean that internal communication takes on a very different dynamic between employees of diverse cultural backgrounds, perspectives, personalities and even gender plays a role in the way people exchange dialogue and ideas with one another. It’s repeatedly been shown that men and women communicate differently. The words are the same but the underlying assumptions and perceived nuances are not. There’s a reason most men don’t ask for directions and why most women don’t ask for raises. The good news is that it’s easier to learn break down other-gender-speak than it is to learn a totally foreign language.

    Francine will use her expertise in organizational behavior to allow attendees to navigate and interpret gender differences to create a more cohesive and dynamic workplace that retains both talent and diversity.

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