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    Presentation Overview


    Optimization of Large-Scale Contact Center Operations: A Case Study in the Effective (and Ineffective) Use Of Business Data

    The contact center industry is one of the largest in the US today, and is growing rapidly worldwide as a result of the rise in outsourcing. It represents one of the more challenging yet promising areas for increased use of business intelligence technologies. While basic queuing theory was the foundation of operational planning during the early growth of the industry, it is wholly inadequate to today's complex operating environments -- yet nothing comparable has risen up to replace it. Contact centers are extremely data-rich environments, yet several real world examples show that most contact centers are routinely operated based on "tribal knowledge" that is often grossly suboptimal. In fact, a headlong rush to embrace "key performance indicators" in this industry has mostly led to the use of inappropriate metrics that drive financially damaging behaviors. Some thoughts on how to improve the situation are presented.


    About the Presenter

    Brian Galvin, VP of Product Management, Genesys Telecommunications Labs

    Mr. Galvin graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Biochemistry, and has a Master's Degree in Physics (Acoustics) from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. After serving as a nuclear engineer for 13 years in the Navy, Mr. Galvin worked briefly at AMD before joining Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, a San Francisco startup of less than 40 employees, in 1995. He was Director of Operations during the company's growth through a successful IPO and acquisition by Alcatel. After spending several years as a successful independent consultant to major companies worldwide in contact center optimization, he recently rejoined Genesys as Vice President, Product Management.


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