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    Vikas Krishna, IBM Almaden Research


    Presentation Overview:

    Business Process Transformation with Intelligent Document Gateway

    Business process transformation for document-centric business processes requires intelligent document handling technologies to coordinate the in-bound and out-bound document flow associated with the business process. The Intelligent Document Gateway is a research project at IBM for business process transformation. The Intelligent Document Gateway captures document from multiple channels at their point of arrival, automatically links and integrates them with the document business process, executes the process's steps such as business rules and notifications, and integrates with external systems for storage and archival.

    An Eclipse based tool is used to generate the document to backend mapping, contextual awareness, code for generating the user-device interaction, and integration with a backend repository such as IBM DB2 Content Manager. This solution has been demonstrated in Citizenship & Immigration Services and successfully piloted for Import Compliance for Global Logistics. It is now being deployed in production for multiple IBM import lanes.

    This talk describes the Intelligent Document Gateway and includes a demo of the runtime system and the Eclipse based process authoring tool.


    About the Presenter:

    Vikas Krishna

    Vikas Krishna is a senior software engineer and architect at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA. He currently works on automation of document-centric business processes and enabler frameworks. Since joining IBM in 1997, he has architected and developed systems for net mining, web-based service delivery, business-to-business information exchange, integrated analysis of text and data, and Lotus Workplace. He holds several patents in these areas and is also the recipient of IBM Team, IBM Bravo! and Research Division awards for his work. Vikas received his B. Tech. degree from IIT in India and an M.S. degree from Syracuse University, New York.


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